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The Chronic Effects of Neck Pain Alleviated by a Healthy Spine

Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma, Neck Alignment, text neck, texting Neck pain is very common and it is about half as common as back pain. When people have neck pain, it can make it hard for them to have mobility in the neck area, making driving a car or even washing their hair quite a chore.

Most family doctors will care for neck pain by using anti-inflammatories. This does not always work and comes along with unwanted and dangerous side effects, especially if taken on a regular basis. This is making people look for alternative ways to care for neck pain. General chiropractic has worked for some but not always on a long-term basis. So, what does upper cervical chiropractic care offer that differs from general chiropractic?

Upper Cervical Care vs. General Chiropractic

The main difference between the two types of chiropractic comes down to the way a patient is adjusted. While general chiropractors often resort to popping or cracking the spine to move the bones into place, upper cervical chiropractic uses a gentle, precise method that takes measurements and images to help find the exact location of the misalignment. Allowing the bones to move back into place more naturally results in a longer-lasting adjustment. Over time, this leads to lower financial costs for the patient and fewer adjustments.

Neck Pain Alleviated by Upper Cervical Care

Looking back at a number of neck pain patients who received upper cervical care reveals an interesting trend. The study reported that the average pain score of patients before getting an adjustment was 5.89 out of 11. After an adjustment, the pain decreased to 1.76. As far as disability with neck pain goes, the average score had been 35.1 out of 100 and went down to 14.3.

Here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, we aim to get similar results for our patients. A few gentle adjustments may be all that is needed to help a person feel better long-term.


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