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How Migraines Impact All Areas of Your Life

migraines-impact-areas-lifeWhen you think of migraines, the first thing you might think of is the throbbing, pounding head pain that accompanies them. While this is the most devastating symptom, migraines impact more than your health. They also take a toll on you financially. One woman decided to write down how much she was paying out of pocket that the insurance company would not pay for in order to try to find an answer to her migraines. Her expense list looks like this:

  • $90.00    –   a mask to flash light in different patterns
  • $125.00    –   MRI
  • $375.00    –   A headband that gives electrical pulses to the forehead with electrodes
  • $500.00    –   Supplements
  • $750.00    –   Acupuncture
  • $1250.00  –   Traditional chiropractic care
  • $2500.00  –   Visits to the ER (three times)

This comes out to a total of $5,600.00! And, it does not include the cost of trying other various home remedies (special diets, nasal pepper sprays, etc.) all promising to hold the key to eliminating her migraines. So, did she find the answers she was looking for? Sadly, she is still searching. However, we would encourage her to come see us here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California. We have seen success in helping migraine patients cope with their pain.

Why Migraines Respond to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical chiropractic differs from traditional chiropractic in that we do not use force, such as popping or cracking the spine. We focus our attention on the top two bones of the neck, the C1 and C2 vertebrae. It has been seen that if these bones are misaligned, they can lead to a number of different problems, including migraines. If these bones are out of alignment by just ¼ of a millimeter, they can put stress on the brainstem, causing it to send improper signals to the brain. The bones can also act as a barrier to blood flow leaving and going to the brain. Either of these things can cause a migraine. Using a gentle method, we encourage the bones to move back into place naturally. This has been proven to help with migraine pain. Some patients see their migraines go away completely.


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central-sensitization-lifeWhat is Central Sensitization?

Our bodies have a built-in defense mechanism that activates when it perceives a threat. The body will do whatever it can to protect itself. When central sensitization is present, the body will go into overdrive to protect itself, whether there really is a threat or not. The body becomes hypersensitive. This is a reaction to the environment and carries with it the following conditions:

  • Migraines: There are theories suggesting that changing the sensation input in the brain can result in migraines.
  • Pain from inflammation: This occurs when white blood cells start attacking a foreign invader, such as infection or bacteria.
  • Neuropathy: This is the result when the nerves or nerve fibers are damaged. Because of the damage, the nerves often send incorrect messages to the brain and then the location of the pain is misread.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Recent studies show that there are significant abnormalities in pain processing in patients with IBS. The bowels become hypersensitive to pain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help

Proper communication between the brain and body is extremely vital to your health. If you happen to have even a tiny misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae, it can put pressure on the spinal column. This pressure hinders blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thereby sending improper signals about pain sensitivity. Here at Advanced Spinal Care Upper in Redwood City, California, we have been trained specifically to find this sort of misalignment.

If you suffer from central sensitization, we strongly encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to see how an adjustment to your upper cervical area will help you. After the initial consultation, we can work together to create a treatment plan specific to your needs. When a misalignment is corrected, proper function of the body is restored, and the healing process begins.


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sinus-problems-linked-health-issuesIn the U.S alone, nearly 29.4 million adults have been diagnosed with sinusitis. Those living in the U.S spend $5.8 billion every year on treatment for sinus problems. If the fluid does not drain properly out of the sinuses, it leads to numerous health problems such as colds, increased allergies, and tiredness.

There are various forms of care available. Decongestants, neti pots, nasal steroid sprays, and herbal remedies are only a few. Nearly 500,000 people annually resort to surgery to get relief from their symptoms.

The Root of Sinus Problems

Researchers have discovered that many sinus problems are misdiagnosed and actually have a root cause in the head or neck. Recent studies show that many people have fatigue and pain in connection with their sinus issues. A group of 297 sinus patients reported that 22% of them also had unexplained chronic fatigue, while 11% had unexplained chronic pain, and 9% experienced both. What was found to be the cause? The results showed a link to misalignments in the upper neck.

How Upper Cervical Misalignments Occur

When someone has an auto accident or experiences trauma to the head or neck, the connective tissue can be damaged. Because the upper neck is the most flexible, it is vulnerable to more problems. The flexibility of the upper neck is good when you need to turn your head, but it’s not so good when you experience a misalignment.

The C1 and C2 are the uppermost vertebrae of the neck. A misalignment of either of these can put pressure on the brainstem and cause it to no longer function properly. One of the effects this can have is dysfunction of cortisol release. This leads to chronic fatigue and sinus problems.

A medical doctor, chiropractor, and a psychiatrist got together to study this. They concluded that when the upper neck was adjusted back into proper position, the patient’s overall health improved significantly. Cortisol readings normalized over a 6-month period. As a result, the patients experienced a decrease of chronic fatigue, sinus, and chronic pain symptoms. In summary, an adjustment to the upper cervical area of the neck can help your overall health and lead to a happier and healthier life.


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Sciatica is an extremely painful health condition related to inflammation or irritation of a nerve close to the spine. It is estimated that about 5% of those experiencing back pain also suffer from sciatica. Some factors that could cause sciatica pain to increase include:

  • Walking
  • Climbing stairs
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Squatting down

Most of the time, sciatica only affects one leg. However, symptoms are varied and can include feelings such as:

  • Stabbing, searing pain
  • Aching
  • Pins and needles

One way to help alleviate sciatica pain is by standing and stretching. Although this is only temporary relief, it does work. Doctors will often suggest corticosteroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, and maybe even surgery in more severe cases. While these things may aid in controlling the symptoms, they do not address the root cause. In some cases, even after these treatments, sciatica returns.

Improper Neck Alignment

It may seem unlikely that pain in the lower back could be coming from the neck. Let’s see, though, how the body works in order to appreciate how this is true.

As you probably already know, the spinal cord is a vital component of the body’s operations. It is responsible for transmitting signals to and from the body and brain. Several nerves branch off the spinal cord. The spinal cord is protected by the spinal column. If the C1 vertebra, also called the atlas, is misaligned, stress and tension on the spinal cord is often the result. When there is tension, improper signals are sent to the brain that leads to postural imbalance, pain, and muscle spasms.

Postural imbalance, or poor posture, irritates the nerves because the body has to compensate for the improper posture. This can cause inflammation in the nerves, leading to sciatica pain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help

In one study, a 45-year-old woman suffered from sciatica in both legs. She explored upper cervical chiropractic care, and after one month of adjustments to her C1 vertebra, she reported that sciatica in her left leg diminished. Her right leg pain improved nearly 60%. After 6 months of upper cervical care, her pain decreased nearly 98%!

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impact-whiplash-finding-help-redwood-city-caNearly 2 million people every year experience whiplash related to car accidents. But it’s important to recognize that not all of these accidents happened in major collisions. More often than not, this type of neck injury occurs at speeds as low as 5 mph. In fact, most car accidents happen at 12 mph. This means that most of those 2 million people who suffer from whiplash every year are involved in low-speed car accidents.

If whiplash can occur at 5 mph, then this type of neck injury can also occur in other activities such as a sports-related injury, a fall, or a physical altercation. German researchers Dr. Kaeser and Dr. Ettlin found that whiplash can lead to a number of different problems including hearing loss, dizziness, speech problems, and throat problems. These researchers also reported that through gentle adjustments to the upper neck vertebrae the effects of whiplash can most likely be reversed.

Healing Whiplash

Strength training, range-of-motion exercises, and physical therapy can help the muscles to regain their ability to adequately support the head and neck. However, if you or anyone you know was recently involved in a car accident or any other sort of accident that you could’ve possibly suffered a whiplash injury, we strongly encourage you to seek out an upper cervical chiropractor. Upper cervical chiropractors are trained to detect any type of misalignment that could be the underlying cause of your pain.

Here at Advanced Spinal Care, we use gentle techniques to readjust the upper two bones in your neck. If there is a misalignment with these two bones, the C1 or C2, it can have an adverse effect on the brainstem and the signals being sent to the body. A readjustment will aid in restoring your brain’s ability to communicate with your body, therefore allowing your body to begin to heal itself naturally.

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Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, Fibromyalgia Relief, Chronic Fatigue ReliefFibromyalgia is a medical condition that causes widespread pain throughout the body. It affects nearly 20 million of those living in the USA. In addition to pain, you may experience extreme exhaustion, trouble sleeping, fibro fog (impaired thinking ability), and depression. Caring for this condition can be difficult as no one really knows why it happens. Fibromyalgia patients often find the pain and insomnia the worst symptoms to deal with.

Ways to Care for Fibromyalgia

Patients and doctors alike are looking for more natural remedies to help ease the pain of fibromyalgia. Recently, it seems as if everyone is trying different supplements to see if they can help reduce inflammation (a reason for the pain). Use caution, however, as these supplements are not regulated by the FDA and have not been approved to help with inflammation.

Keeping a food diary may prove to be helpful. Certain food groups have been shown to cause fibromyalgia flare-ups. Foods containing gluten (wheat, bread, pasta, and crackers) and dairy products may be to blame. Keeping track of how you feel after eating such things may help you realize what you need to avoid. However, that is still not getting to the root cause of why fibromyalgia attacks.

The Underlying Cause of Fibromyalgia

One thing that is often overlooked is a misalignment in the upper cervical spine, particularly the C1 and C2 vertebrae. These bones are located near the brainstem, and a misalignment puts it under stress. This negatively affects the central nervous system. This can be the reason for fibromyalgia as well as inflammation. If the brainstem malfunctions and tells the brain there is pain in the body when there is little or no pain, fibromyalgia can be the end result.

Here at Advanced Spinal Care, we use a very gentle method to encourage the bones to move back into their original place without the use of force. We do not crack or twist the neck. Rather, the method is more natural, resulting in a longer-lasting adjustment. Many documented cases report that after an upper cervical adjustment, many patients feel better and have some measure of relief from their fibromyalgia. Some see it go away completely.

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Migraine, Migraines, Headache, Headaches, Head Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Relief, Headache Relief, Tension Headache, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Headaches ReliefIf you have ever suffered through the excruciating pain of migraines, you know they are so much more than bad headaches. If you have not ever had migraines, you may wonder if the headaches you are having are actually migraines. Migraines are as unique as the person suffering from them, and not all the symptoms are the same for everyone. Here is a list of things that most often occur with migraines:

  • Pounding head pain with a throbbing sensation
  • Usually, only one side of the head is affected, not always
  • Dizziness or vertigo (a spinning sensation)
  • Nausea sometimes accompanied by vomiting
  • Blind spots or other visual disturbances

Migraines can also impact you so severely that often all you can do is lie down in a cool, dark room and wait until they pass. Headaches are not that intense. Migraines can last from 4 to 72 hours.

Home Remedies to Help Mitigate Attacks of Migraines

There are some things you can do to help keep your migraines from occurring so often. Here are some ideas you may want to put into practice:

  • Keep your stress levels under control. Stress is the biggest contributor to migraines. If you feel your stress levels rising, try taking a warm shower, get a massage, do some stretching, read a good book, engage in a favorite hobby, take a walk, or do whatever helps you to de-stress.
  • Keep a migraine diary. Writing down what foods you ate, what the weather was like, what stress you endured, and similar things can help you see a pattern develop and find your personal triggers.
  • Visit an upper cervical chiropractor.

How Upper Cervical Care Helps Migraines

Migraines have been linked a misalignment in the bones of the upper cervical spine. Misalignments easily occur after vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or even hitting your head. If either the C1 or C2 vertebra is out of alignment, it can put pressure on the brainstem and lead to such things as migraines. We use a gentle method here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, to coax the bones back into place without the need to crack the spine. Case studies have proven these gentle adjustments to be effective.

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What is the brainstem? What is its role in the functioning of your body? How will an upper cervical adjustment help? This article will help you find the answers to these questions.

What Is the Brainstem?

The brainstem rests below the cerebrum and connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord. It is one of the most vital components of the human body. The brainstem is responsible for:

  • transmitting information from the brain to the spinal cord
  • controlling eye movements and facial expressions
  • controlling vital functions like heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing
  • coordinating movement for different areas of the body such as your eyes, jaw, face, throat, tongue, neck, and head

Here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, we understand, then, why it is crucial that the brainstem is kept healthy so it can function properly for all of these vital activities. Serious injury to this area of the brain, such as an accident or stroke, can cause someone to go into a coma or even leave one in a vegetative state.

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help

The atlas vertebra is the very first bone in the neck, closest to the brainstem. As we have seen, the health of the brainstem depends on proper blood flow and a good flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Therefore, a misalignment of the atlas can hinder the flow of these vital fluids, resulting in various chronic conditions.

Upper cervical chiropractors are trained to be able to detect and correct misalignments. Correcting these misalignments helps the brainstem to function at its best. So having an examination done by a professional is very important, particularly if you have suffered from any sort of neck or head trauma. If you have been involved in an accident, a fall, or a sports injury, whether recent or a long time ago, it is vital that you make an appointment with an upper cervical chiropractor as soon as possible.

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Sports-Related Injuries

Experiencing an injury during a sports game is nearly inevitable, which is the number one reason why it’s crucial that you take precautions in regards to the possibility of injuries. Admittedly, not all sports target the same body parts. Knowing this fact alone is not enough. It’s imperative to put that knowledge into practice. Therefore, it is crucial to make use of various preventative methods for the various sports.

In any sport-related activity, injuries to any area of the spine are possible. Below is a list of injuries you are subject to in any type of sport.

Lower Back Injury

Did you know that nearly 20% of all sports-related injuries involve the lower back or neck? Sports that require athletes to twist their lower back, such as one in which they have to load weights at the end of a range of motion, can result in a lower back injury. These types of sports include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Golfing

Upper Back Injury

Upper back injuries are less common due to the fact that this area of the spine isn’t as movable and includes extra support. However, the chance still remains that an athlete can experience rib fractures, intercostal neuralgia, or intercostal muscle strains. These athletes may be involved in the following sports:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Weight training with rotation
  • Skiing
  • Swimming

Neck Injury

Your neck is the most fragile part of your body. Regular participation in sports can inflict a lot of strain on the muscles and ligaments in your neck. There is even a possibility that you may, at times, overextend your neck muscles, resulting in whiplash. The sports that may cause these types of injuries can include:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Martial arts
  • Rugby

Keeping Your Child Safe from Sports Injuries

We understand the fact that each parent wishes for nothing more than the best for their child. This means that you desire for them to enjoy their childhood, experiencing things that you may not have had the chance to. However, there’s one thing that you don’t wish upon them and that is pain from a bodily injury.

Of course, this would mean that they receive proper care and treatment for any sport-related injury. It also includes taking extra preventative measures to aid in avoiding the possibility of injury.

If your child at any point experiences one of the aforementioned injuries, do not hesitate to consult an upper cervical chiropractor. Here at Advanced Spinal Care, we are trained to detect and care for any sort of misalignment incurred by an injury. With gentle techniques to correct the misalignment, we can ensure your child is back at it in no time!

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Scoliosis When you have an improper curve in your spine it is called scoliosis. Your spine naturally has a front-to-back curve. However, if you view someone from behind, a side-to-side curve should not be visible. If you are suffering from scoliosis, you will be able to see a side-to-side or twisting curvature that does not belong. Often, scoliosis goes undiagnosed. This is unfortunate because finding scoliosis in its early stages can help to prevent it from getting more severe. There is a point where it is no longer able to be helped. It is vital to discover scoliosis before that occurs. Severe scoliosis can have a negative impact on:

  • Your daily routine
  • Proper breathing
  • Osteoporosis
  • Your self-esteem
  • Life quality
  • Disk degeneration
  • Reproductive tissue

Traditional Care for Scoliosis

Caring for scoliosis can be a challenge. Several options are available but with little success. Your medical doctor will probably recommend either a trunk brace to keep the condition from worsening or back surgery. People are looking for a more natural way to care for scoliosis. The good news is that it does exist. It can help those with newly discovered scoliosis to prevent it from becoming worse. For those who are dealing with scoliosis already in advanced stages, it can help alleviate some of the discomfort.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Scoliosis Relief

Drs. Biederman and Gutman have done extensive research into scoliosis and how upper cervical chiropractic care can help. They have been able to prove that an upper cervical misalignment in the C1 or C2 vertebra can indeed contribute to the development of scoliosis. Dr. Gutman’s research shows that not only scoliosis, but ear infections, colic, and a number of other childhood disorders can be connected to a misalignment in the neck. Dr. Biederman’s research pointed out how many babies actually endure neck misalignments due to birth trauma. This leads to the eventual development of health issues.

Visiting us here at Advanced Spinal Care can be just the right step for you. If you suspect you have endured a neck trauma at any time, we can examine you and confirm or deny this is the case. We can then work with you if you have a misalignment to correct it and keep you from developing scoliosis or other serious health issues because of it.

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