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What Are Common Causes of Migraines in Men?

What are common causes of migraines in men?Causes of Migraines in Men

While migraines are about 3 times as common for women, men do still suffer from this debilitating neurological condition. What are the primary causes of migraines in men, and what can you do to mitigate migraines symptoms?

Let’s face it, men often put their body through the ringer. It isn’t just a matter of whether they are performing physical labor, but men also like to play contact sports and do a lot of other things that can result in head and neck injuries. These injuries, in turn, may be responsible for the migraines.

Another of the potential causes of migraines in men is a vascular issue. As men both age and undergo increased stress, neck tension can affect the amount of blood reaching the brain. This, in turn, may result in migraines. This also relates to why beta blockers (generally prescribed for high blood pressure) are sometimes prescribed to help migraine sufferers. However, these medications do have extensive side effects.

Migraines and Upper Cervical

Another potential approach for migraines in men is upper cervical chiropractic. When accidents and injuries tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine in place it causes the spine to breakdown and lock into a stressed position. This will frequently affect the upper neck the most severely leading to postural changes, neurological dysfunction and a variety of different symptoms, including migraine headaches.  Specific upper cervical adjustments may be able to address these underlying issues and repair these injuries to the upper neck. Since the C1 and C2 vertebrae are positioned right at the base of the brain where it meets the spinal column, neurological conditions such as migraines can be the result of such a misalignment. Consult an upper cervical chiropractic practitioner to have a thorough upper neck evaluation in order to determine if your migraines are coming from this crucial area.

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