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Post-Concussion Syndrome: What Is It? What Do You Do for It?

post-concussion-syndrome-what-is-it-what-do-you-do-for-itPost-concussion syndrome follows a concussion. Concussions happen every day and not just to athletes. You can get a concussion by being in a car accident or having some type of blow to the head. You may have no visible bruises or cuts. This is because a concussion happens to the brain. The CDC reports traumatic brain injuries to account for 30 percent of all deaths from injury. Concussions are very common. In fact, some estimates say that a brain injury occurs every 21 seconds in the USA.

What Are the Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome?

After you have endured a head injury, you may notice you feel a little dazed or even sluggish and tired. You may have more obvious symptoms of headaches, blurry vision, and vomiting. Brain injuries are quite serious. However, the majority of people recover well from them in just a few weeks. For others though, symptoms can persist for quite a long time after the initial injury. This is where post-concussion syndrome comes into play. Symptoms, if not cared for, can continue to last for many months or even up to a year or longer.

What Do You Do for Post-Concussion Syndrome?

Experiencing a concussion has most likely done some type of damage to the delicate structures of the spine, particularly the neck. The C1, or atlas bone, may be the source of your problems. If this bone has moved out of place, it may be putting the brainstem under stress, irritating the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and other tissues of the neck. This may be why you are still experiencing problems.

Upper cervical chiropractors specialize in making sure back and neck bones are in proper alignment. If they are not, we use a low impact readjustment that does not require us to pop or crack the spine or neck. Rather, we focus on getting the bones of the neck to move back into place on their own. This results in a longer-lasting adjustment and can bring you relief from post-concussion syndrome.

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