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The Risk Factors of Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Natural Care Options

the-risk-factors-of-fibromyalgia-symptoms-and-natural-care-optionsWhen you have fibromyalgia, pain is not your only symptom. This article will expand on the different representations of fibromyalgia, discuss a few of the common risk factors, and share a natural method of treatment that is unknown to most people.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

When suffering with fibromyalgia, these are some of the experiences you may be having:

  • Widespread pain and tenderness
  • Stiffness, especially in the morning
  • Fatigue
  • Irritable bowels
  • Numbness and tingling (especially in the hands and feet)
  • Cognitive problems (memory and concentration)
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and anxiety

There has been much research revealing a connection with many of these issues, to a breakdown in the body’s ability to process pain signals. This is why what would normally be moderate pain feels unusually more intense, as if the body were in the midst of an emergency situation.

Some people get fibromyalgia without any indications prior to its development. So what are some things that put a person at a higher risk of developing fibromyalgia?

What Puts You at Risk for Fibromyalgia

Here are a few factors that can mean a higher chance of a person getting this condition:

  • Being female – Women make up 90% of fibromyalgia cases, with the likelihood rising the closer they get to menopausal age.
  • A sedentary lifestyle – Having a sedentary lifestyle makes a person far more susceptible for musculoskeletal issues to develop.
  • Genes – Researchers have come to the belief that there several genetic markers that could predispose someone to the condition.  
  • Trauma – Fibromyalgia will often follow a head or neck trauma of some kind.

Natural Care for Fibromyalgia in Redwood City, California

Upper cervical chiropractic care has helped many patients who suffer from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This type of chiropractic care focuses on the C1 and C2 vertebrae, which are key players in the health of brainstem function and optimal blood flow to the brain. Misalignments are a very common problem in this part of the spine, especially for anyone who has had a head or neck injury such as whiplash from a car accident, a sports injury, or any other kind of trauma that jars the head and neck. If a trauma like this happened prior to the development of fibromyalgia, then fixing the actual injury can result in major progress with the symptoms.



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