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How a Healthy Spine Can Help Avoid Autism

December 09, 2018

how-a-healthy-spine-can-help-avoid-autismWhen it comes to autism, the most commonly asked question is whether genetics or one’s environment plays the primary role in causing it. So far, research has confirmed that both can have a significant part in the development of autism. In 40% of cases, inherited genes have been shown to play a big role. But one thing to keep in mind is that during the months in utero while the fetus is developing and growing, the environment (such as nutrition, exposure to toxins, etc.) can affect the genetic details of the child and could trigger autism.

Children with autism are unable to process and understand their surroundings the way people normally do. It seems that a vital time of genetic development occurs somewhere in the 10-24 weeks period of gestation. This would be the time the possibility of autism being triggered would be the most likely. Another important window of time is anywhere from newborn up to age 6, during which multiple factors could influence the body and brain, leading to autism.

If the baby is unable to process his or her environment properly while in the womb, it could mean a delay of growth and slowed maturing. The outcome of this kind of situation could be stunted social functions in the future. What factors could cause this to happen? One of the major causes would be high experiences of stress on the mother of the baby. This could be from illness or an infection the mother experienced during pregnancy, particularly during the second and third trimesters, which are important times for the baby’s health.

How a Healthy Spine Can Help with Autism

An important factor when it comes to the health of baby and mom is having a properly functioning central nervous system and brainstem. This can be achieved and checked by reaching out to an upper cervical chiropractor for help. If the upper bones of the neck have a slight misalignment of even ¼ of a millimeter, it could interrupt the communication between the brain and the body because the misaligned vertebrae put pressure on the brainstem. This can also compromise the immune system. For individuals who have had a history of any type of head or neck trauma, it is highly recommended that they come in for an upper cervical examination. By having your spinal misalignment corrected, you will be taking an important step toward a happier and healthier mom and baby while reducing the risk of autism caused by spinal misalignment.

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