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Migraines: Knowing the Key Facts and Best Treatment

Migraines can be a real torment for people who have them. The most common symptoms include the following: Throbbing or pulsing headaches, usually one-sided Nausea and vomiting Lightheadedness, sometimes followed by fainting Sensitivity to lights, sounds, and sometimes even smells...

How Your Neck Could Be Causing Your Headaches

Headaches are a pain in the neck – literally. An article released in The News-Press, estimates that 20% of chronic headache conditions are caused by problems in the neck. The article was written by a physical therapist who went on to describe how something such as bad posture...

Neck Pain and the Associated Symptoms

Neck pain is so prevalent that it would be difficult to find someone who has not had some kind of neck discomfort at some point.  For many people, neck pain is just something that they cope with since it is a normal and constant part of life. Neck pain could feel like a...

True Migraine Relief in Redwood City, CA

Migraines are a neurological condition that can be disabling for those suffering from them. The setbacks are not just physical but financial as well. Migraines affect as many as 38 million in the United States with women being a majority of that number. They are three times more...

Post-Concussion Syndrome Occurs After Mild Head Trauma

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) comes about after enduring a head trauma. It may surprise you to learn that the injury does not have to be major to cause PCS. As many as 2 million people in the United States have head injuries every year, and 85 percent are considered minor...

Low Back Pain: Where Does It Originate and Can It Be Helped?

Low back pain can be distressing and uncomfortable, even intruding on your everyday life. If the pain radiates through the hips, buttocks, and down the back of your leg, you probably are suffering from sciatica. The sciatic nerve is about the size of the small finger, making it...

Reasons for Vertigo and How to Naturally Relieve It

Vertigo can be very disabling. It is the feeling that you or the things around you are moving when they are actually standing still. It always has a rotational component to it. The vestibular system is the part of the body that is responsible for maintaining your balance....

Advanced Spinal Care Takes on Neck Pain in Redwood City, CA

Neck pain is very common in today’s world. It can be due to a variety of things like tight muscles, a knot in the muscle, or tired muscles. It may be helped by applying ice to the sore area. However, in some cases, there might be more serious reasons for the neck pain: A...

Headaches and Cranial Neuralgia — Finding Relief Naturally

There are as many as 200 different types of headaches, making it difficult to find out which one you are suffering from. Headaches are little understood because the brain has no nerves and, therefore, cannot feel any pain. So, when you have a headache, it is the nerves and...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Finding Answers to Fight the Exhaustion

You or someone you know may suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This is an extremely debilitating condition that is known to cause extreme tiredness. It does not matter how much sleep and relaxation you may get, you never feel completely rested. Unfortunately, there is no...