As a California migraine chiropractor based in Redwood City, I’ve come across numerous migraine cases. To put things in perspective, the United States alone has 39 million migraine sufferers. In addition, women are usually three times more likely have a migraine diagnosis than their male counterparts. 

Migraines also affect financial aspects of life. In the U.S., annual costs for migraine relief procedures are at $36 billion, leading to 113 million workdays missed. That is equivalent to a staggering $13 billion in lost work productivity. 

Workplace lighting as a migraine trigger

Studies point to fluorescent lighting as a possible trigger for migraines. Since one of the primary symptoms of such episodes is sensitivity to light, too much exposure may easily trigger an attack.

Talk to your company about other types of lighting in your work area. You might not be the only one who is affected by fluorescent lights. Opt for natural light from windows as much as possible. If removing the fluorescent lights is not an option, you could turn on just one light switch in a room that has three or four light switches, and add extra light by using lamps with other kinds of bulbs.  

The natural relief option for migraine pain

While several forms of medication may have varying levels of success for migraines, there are more natural options to consider. One way to provide natural relief for migraines is through upper cervical chiropractic care. A possible root cause of migraines is a misalignment on the C1 and C2 vertebrae, the top two bones in the neck. Upper cervical chiropractic care corrects any misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. By doing so, some people’s migraines are decreased or completely eliminated.

As a chiropractor in practice for years now, I’ve developed an expertise in determining the exact spots of these misalignments. Here in my clinic, Advanced Spinal Care, I use a technique called NUCCA, which doesn’t involve forceful methods to move the vertebrae back in place. I use a gentle technique that is precise and accurate.So if you’re in search of a California migraine chiropractor based in Redwood City, my clinic’s doors are open for you. Use the website contact form, or give me a call at (650) 595-0500.

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Learn how injuries from sports and other types of accidents may lead to migraines and how our migraine chiropractic clinic in Redwood City, CA can help you in getting relief.

Explaining Trauma-Triggered Migraines

This type of migraine occurs following a mild injury to the head or neck, mostly from sports injuries and simple falls. It can cause a momentary disruption in your brain function. This is very common in young adults and even children. 

Trauma-triggered migraines can bring on these symptoms:

The symptoms may last for 1 to 10 minutes after the injury and can persist anywhere from 3 to 24 hours. Sometimes the symptoms stay indefinitely and are called post-traumatic attacks. They are common in sporting athletes playing soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and football.

What Are Post-Traumatic Migraines?

They are migraines that develop after the primary trauma and continue for an extended amount of time. They can bring migraine headaches and daily tension. A study observed 29 people with post-traumatic headaches due to a mild sporting injury. They displayed the following symptoms:

Some of them were incapable of exercising and participating in sports activities due to the severity of their headaches. The question now is, what can be done to relieve this type of migraine?

Natural and Effective Relief for Post-Traumatic Migraines

Many studies have established that trauma to the head and neck may result in migraine headaches. This stems from the fact that the tissue responsible for keeping the spine in place can tear during an impact. It leads to the locking of the spine into a strained position, usually starting in the two uppermost vertebrae of the neck – the atlas and axis. The brainstem is just within this region and can come under stress due to the atlas or axis misalignment. This disrupts three main functions: blood flow, nerve communication, and cerebrospinal fluid flow to and from the brain. All of these can cause a migraine.

Here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, we are well-trained to locate and correct spinal misalignments. Once patients receive an adjustment and the bones are back in normal alignment, they often notice an improvement in their condition. 

References:Haas D, Lourie H. Trauma-triggered migraine: an explanation for common neurological attacks after mild head injury. J Neurosurg. 1988; 68:181-188


A staggering 38 million people suffer from migraines across the United States, including men, women, and children. This figure shows just how common migraines have become. Some people mistakenly believe that migraines are just bad headaches, but migraines are much more than headaches. The truth is that headaches can be absent from migraines.

A terrible headache may be its hallmark, but migraines involve other symptoms:

  1. Aura – An aura is a visual disturbance, such as seeing flashing lights. This is experienced by about 25% of people with migraines.
  2. Mood changes – Mood shifts can occur either before or after a migraine attack and can cause a person to feel unfocused, anxious, or depressed.
  3. Nausea or vomiting – Since migraines are neurological and involve the brain, they can bring about dizziness and nausea.
  4. Extreme sensitivity to sound, light, and odor – People who live with migraines prefer to rest in a cold, dark, and quiet room to survive a migraine attack.

Migraines are Linked to Neck Alignment

There are many avenues out there that migraine sufferers can try to get relief. Standard treatment options include a combination of medications to alleviate various symptoms. It’s sad to say, but most of these options are either a short-lived solution or ineffective in providing the needed relief.

Alternatively, upper cervical chiropractic concentrates on getting to the root cause of migraines. The natural technique ensures the proper alignment of the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae. These are the topmost vertebrae in the neck, just underneath the base of the skull.  They can impact the body’s blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid drainage, and the normal function of the nervous system. When any of these factors are not functioning properly, migraine episodes can come about.

At Advanced Spinal Care, we use a gentle yet extremely precise method for correcting atlas misalignments.  Once adjustments are made and healthy spinal alignment is achieved, the body can bring back its normal function. The brain can translate signals appropriately through the spinal cord and nerves, and the healing process can begin.  Just like in most of our patients, this means the end of health conditions such as migraines. Schedule an appointment in our treatment clinic in Redwood City for your migraine headaches.


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Several studies in the past have revealed the connection between migraines and multiple sclerosis (MS). Doctors and researchers have established that these two conditions can share the same root cause, and a common resolution was noted in helping patients with both disorders.

Similarities Between Migraines and Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI scanner, conducted several studies that examined the brains of patients during an MRI. Together with his team of researchers, they inspected the flow of cerebrospinal fluid – a lubricant of the brain and spinal cord. They discovered that biochemical barriers bring about migraines and multiple sclerosis. What’s even more exciting, they found out that these barriers could be removed, resulting in a reduction of migraine and MS symptoms.

This revelation implies that the presence of a misalignment in the upper bones of the neck may put undue stress on the brainstem, leading to an obstruction in nerve communication, cerebral spinal fluid flow, and blood flow to and from the brain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Heal Migraines and MS

People who are suffering from migraines and MS caused by an upper neck misalignment can benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. This specific type of chiropractic care realigns the top bones of the upper cervical spine, without popping or cracking the bones. It utilizes a gentle technique to encourage the neck vertebrae to return into correct alignment. Its adjustments are precise and accurate, leading to a natural and longer-lasting adjustment. Many patients have responded well to upper cervical chiropractic care, sharing a reduction in frequency and severity of both their migraine and MS symptoms. Some have also reported complete remission.

If your MS or migraines have been taking their toll on your health and happy life, visit us at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California or schedule a consultation with us to learn how we can help you with either of these conditions.

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If you suffer from persistent headaches, one of the remedies you most likely do to relieve pain is to take over-the-counter pain medications regularly. While it does the job, it can start a cycle of pain and pills that gets worse and worse over time. Little do people know, medication overuse can cause even more problems as headaches are one of the side effects of using pain relievers.

Medication overuse is a global concern. According to the WHO (the World Health Organization), about 2% of the world population is experiencing rebound headaches from taking too many painkillers. What makes the problem harder to stop is the difficulty to set apart a rebound headache from a regular one as they share the same characteristics. Most people have no idea that rebound headaches can happen, so they continue reaching for the pill bottle. Those who suffer from tension headaches and migraines are the most likely to end up getting stuck in a pattern of medication overuse headaches.

Overcoming Headaches in Redwood City, California

If you are seeking a migraine headache treatment clinic in Redwood City that provides drug-free, natural relief, you’ve come to the right place. Many headaches and migraines can be attributed to a misalignment in the upper cervical spine. A misalignment of the atlas, the topmost vertebra of the spine, can result in the following:

All of these conditions lead to headaches. The key to ending the issue is addressing the underlying cause instead of just covering over symptoms with medication that may do more harm than good.

At Advanced Spinal Care, our focus is on giving gentle and specific adjustments to the atlas vertebra. We use scientific diagnostic imaging and other tests to determine, down to fractions of a degree, the type of every patient's atlas misalignment. Once the atlas gets adjusted and returns to its correct alignment, only occasional adjustments are necessary to keep the spine healthy. For many headache sufferers, this could mean fewer and less intense headaches or even a complete elimination of the condition. This saves you a ton of money over buying expensive and short-lasting pain relievers regularly.

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Migraines can be a real torment for people who have them. The most common symptoms include the following:

Although severe head pain is common for people suffering from migraines, you do not always have to experience a headache to be diagnosed with migraines. Head pain merely is one symptom of the disorder. You may have dizziness, blindness, or other vision issues without having a headache.

Migraine attacks can last for 3 to 72 hours and be so disabling for patients that most are forced to stay in bed until the pain goes away. Often, they miss work or school and have their social activities and family life suffer.

Common Migraine Triggers

Every individual has different triggers, but these are the common culprits that cause the sudden onset of migraines for most people:

Identifying your triggers gets you one step closer to effectively handling your migraines and dodging future attacks.

Traditional Migraine Treatments

Taking medication is a common practice in treating migraines. Preventative drugs may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, and over-the-counter painkillers may help you get through a migraine attack. Although these give some momentary relief, they do not address the underlying cause of migraines. They may also come with unpleasant side effects. Overuse of pain-relieving medicines can trigger more migraine attacks. Surgery is also another option to cope with migraines, but it is dangerous and comes along with its own set of risks.

An Alternative Method to Overcome Migraines

There is one safe and non-invasive treatment for migraines that is getting ample attention for its effectiveness – upper cervical chiropractic care! Migraines have been linked to a misalignment in the top two bones of the neck, and our Redwood City, California upper cervical treatment care is here help.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an atlas misalignment could be the reason for your migraines. The only way to be sure is to visit an upper cervical chiropractor. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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Headaches are a pain in the neck – literally. An article released in The News-Press, estimates that 20% of chronic headache conditions are caused by problems in the neck. The article was written by a physical therapist who went on to describe how something such as bad posture could pinch nerves in the neck and result in a headache.

Poor posture is more damaging than it may seem. Headaches are just one of the problems that can develop from poor posture. Herniated discs, scoliosis, and even the poor function of your internal organs can sometimes be attributed to poor posture. Listed below are some suggestions for improving your posture at work and at home.

Upper Cervical Care Relieves Neck Aches and Headaches

If practicing good posture is not alleviating your neck aches or headaches, you might have a deeper issue that needs to be seen by a professional. Things like poor posture, trips and falls, and sports injuries can cause the uppermost vertebrae of the spine to move out of place. When this happens, nerves can be pinched, muscles become tense in an attempt to support the weakened area, and headaches can develop. Here at Advanced Spinal Care, in Redwood City, California, we do a careful analysis of each patient’s situation to see if upper cervical chiropractic care could be beneficial for them. If we detect a misalignment in the upper cervical vertebrae, we use a gentle technique to move the bones back to their correct alignment. Many patients experience great relief from their headaches and neck aches after receiving our care.

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Migraines are a neurological condition that can be disabling for those suffering from them. The setbacks are not just physical but financial as well. Migraines affect as many as 38 million in the United States with women being a majority of that number. They are three times more likely to get migraines than men.

What are the financial affects for those suffering from migraines? An estimated 113 million days of work are lost leading to $13 billion in employer losses due to migraines.  Financial loss in the US, including migraine treatment, accumulates to a shocking $36 billion per year.

One Cause of Migraines May Be Workplace Lighting

There has been some recent research showing that migraines may be exacerbated by fluorescent lighting. Spending days working with this type of lighting can put you at a higher risk of migraine episodes. It’s common for migraine sufferers to experience light sensitivity, and fluorescent lighting has proved to be so aggravating for this condition that it can trigger a migraine event.

Finding Effective Care for Migraines

Finding a solution for migraine pain is high on the priority list for those who have regular or even infrequent episodes. There has been considerable success with treating migraines using upper cervical chiropractic care. Upper cervical chiropractors are specially trained to identify misalignments in the upper neck area, the C1 and C2 vertebrae in particular. The role of these bones is to protect the brainstem and allow the range of movement that our head is able to employ on a daily basis. Numerous issues can arise if they are misaligned, even by ¼ of a millimeter, because this puts pressure on the brainstem, inhibiting proper function. The brainstem acts as switchboard between the brain and body, sending and receiving signals that help the body to function normally. When it comes under distress, the communication gets interrupted, and it can also affect normal blood flow to and from the brain. At Advanced Spinal Care, our unique method called NUCCA does not require forcing the spine. Instead we work with the spine, encouraging the bones to return to their correct alignment, enabling the natural healing capabilities of the body. This is how we are able to get patients back to feeling better, sometimes after only one or two adjustments.

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managing-chronic-migraines-in-redwood-city-californiaHow do you know if you are suffering from chronic migraines? You may have chronic migraines if the following characteristics describe you:

Understandably, people who are suffering from chronic migraines can often miss out on multiple events in their life. Everyday life occasions like school, work, and social time with family and friends are all affected. Upwards of 4 million people are diagnosed with chronic migraines, with women in the majority of those diagnosed. That is an immense number of people whose lives are being disrupted on a daily basis. What options are available for helping with this widespread problem?

What Doctors Suggest for Migraines

Primary care physicians or neurologists usually recommend that patients keep a journal of their headaches, including foods they ate and what they did prior to and after a migraine attack. By including all these details, it can become relatively clear what may be triggering and even causing the migraines. A few of the things that should be included in these types of journals are weather conditions, temperature, food and beverages consumed, and stress levels.

Oftentimes there are prescription drugs that can be used for treating the pain caused by migraines. The problem is that medications will many times also include unwanted side effects that could lead to more headaches when taken too frequently. As natural remedies have become more popular, people have begun to search for a more holistic approach to coping with migraine pain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic’s Impact on Chronic Migraine Symptoms

A connection has been clearly established between a misalignment in the upper neck and migraine headaches. If you do have a misalignment in the vertebrae of your neck and you are suffering from chronic migraines, this could be the answer you have been looking for. Here’s why it works. The C1 and C2 vertebrae have the job of protecting the brainstem, which is important maintaining proper communication to and from the brain and body. When these bones are out of alignment, this delicate system no longer works well. Dysfunctions with communication, blood flow, and cerebrospinal fluid flow occur. All of these issues make for a perfect storm for migraines to happen. As soon as the misalignment is corrected using our gentle method, the body can begin to heal and once again return to optimal function. In many cases, this is enough to combat migraine pain with lasting results. If you’d like to know more about how upper cervical chiropractic care can serve you, contact us for a free consultation.

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what-is-the-difference-between-a-headache-and-a-migraineHaving a severe headache does not necessarily mean that you are experiencing a migraine. There different types of headaches that produce different levels and types of pain. In this article, we will discuss some of the more definitive signs of a migraine headache.


An estimated 28 million US residents get migraines, according to the National Headache Foundation. Among those affected, most are women. This type of headache can be so excruciating that it interrupts a person’s ability to function in daily life. Here is a list of several migraine symptoms:

Certain foods may trigger migraines. For example, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine have been known to trigger migraines in some people. Other culprits are skipping a meal, getting too little sleep, using tobacco or being stressed. The question is, what can be done for relief from migraines?

Care Options

Generally, the first place people turn to is their doctor, who normally prescribes a pain medication to take upon migraine onset. The problem is that many of these medications come with harmful side-effects, and they only manage the symptoms without resolving the underlying problem.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Migraines

Upper Cervical Chiropractors have a thorough knowledge of the how the spinal structure directly impacts the effectiveness of the central nervous system and how this may be a key to the origin of migraines in their patients. The upper neck is composed of the atlas and axis, two vertebra that house the brainstem. Any misalignment to this area can cause upsets to the brainstem, disrupting vital signals for the brain and body’s connection, causing migraine symptoms. With specialized training in this unique part of the spine, upper cervical chiropractors can correct these types of alignment issues with precision and very little pressure. Many patients report that their migraines become less frequent and milder, and some patients even report that their migraines have stopped completely.


  1. Ferri, Fred MD. Ferri’s Clinical Advisor, 2012 ed. Philadelphia, PA: Mosby; 2012.

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