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Natural approach for Tic disorders

tics, neck trauma, involuntary movement
Tic disorders Tics are defined as sudden repetitive motions or vocalizations, non-rhythmic movements or sounds that are produced by an individual, which serves no true purpose. Tics are classified by their quality and complexity.  Almost any movement, sound, or combination of...

Natural and drugless approach for children with Tourette syndrome, part 2

Tourettes, Children, Tics
Tourette Syndrome and Birth Trauma Previously in this blog we looked at research that linked upper neck injuries with Tourette’s syndrome. Today we take a closer look at 3 children who were all diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and responded wonderfully to upper...

Natural and drugless approach for children with Tourette’s syndrome, Part 1

Tourettes, Children, Tics
Not All Tourette’s Syndrome Is Genetic Researchers generally consider Tourette’s syndrome to be a genetic disorder (TS vulnerability is transmitted from one generation to the next), approximately 15% of TS patients do not show genetic susceptibility (no genetic links were...