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Second Visit

Your Second Visit Returning To The Chiropractors in Redwood City

Your Chiropractic Spinal Correction

Getting started with care will be easy!

Getting started with care will be easy!

After the doctor has studied your health history, analyzed your films, and correlated your examination findings, he will review the X-rays with you and discuss expectations about your relief and recovery.

During this visit with your Chiropractors in Redwood City, you will receive your first spinal correction. The adjustment is painless with no popping or twisting of the spine. Each adjustment experience and healing response is unique to the individual. People describe feeling various sensations such as: lighter, looser, clearer, easier breathing, more balanced, etc…

After Your Adjustment

The second appointment takes one hour. When combined with the consultation/exam (First Visit) all done on the same day, the total time is two hours. Click here to learn what you can expect on regular visits with your Chiropractors in Redwood City

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