Avoiding Summer Headaches in Redwood City, CA

summer headaches, migraine chiropractor in Redwood City

Ever get that feeling? You're finally enjoying a sunny day at the Redwood City farmers market, or maybe you're just done lugging all that beach gear to Half Moon Bay. Suddenly, it hits you – that familiar throbbing, that tightening feeling in your neck and head. Yup, it's another summer headache.

If that sounds all too familiar, trust us, you're not alone. Here at Advanced Spinal Care, we see it all the time. Summer is supposed to be about fun and relaxation, not wincing in pain. Read on as we share key insights about summer headaches and the critical role of lifestyle adjustments and visits to our migraine chiropractor in Redwood City.


Why Summer Does a Number on Our Heads (and Necks)

Summer in Redwood City is fantastic, but it can also trigger a bit of a headache for some people. Here is a quick list of the usual triggers of summer headaches:


You're sweating more, whether it's from biking along the Bay Trail or just soaking up the sun at Stafford Park. And if you're not replenishing those fluids, your body sends a distress signal in the form of a pounding headache.

Sun and Heat

Too much time basking in the sun can trigger migraines for some people. And even if you're not prone to migraines, the heat can cause blood vessels in your head to dilate, leading to that achy, throbbing feeling.

Stress and Tension

Summer often means travel, house guests, and trying to squeeze in all the fun activities before school starts back up. You get the picture. All that hustle and bustle can tighten up your neck and shoulder muscles, making your head feel like it's in a vice.

Neck and Spine Misalignment

Think about all those hours hunched over your phone, checking out the latest events in the city. Or maybe you slept on a lumpy mattress at your Airbnb. Even hauling around a cooler full of snacks can throw your spine out of whack. And guess what? A misaligned neck and spine can lead to some serious head pain.

So, as you can see, summer throws a lot at us. But don't worry. Your friendly migraine chiropractor in Redwood City, Dr. Tsiglieris, is here to help you navigate the season without the hassle of headaches!


Lifestyle Tweaks to Keep Summer Headaches at Bay

Don't let those headaches hold you hostage! Here are some simple adjustments you can make to your daily routine:

  • Hydrate like a pro: Always carry a reusable water bottle and aim to refill it throughout the day. Add some flavor with slices of cucumber or fruit if you find plain water boring.
  • Shield yourself from the sun: Rock a stylish hat, invest in some good sunglasses, and slather on that sunscreen. It's not just about preventing sunburn; it's about headache prevention, too!
  • Prioritize chill time: Even with a packed summer schedule, carve out time for relaxation. Read a book in the shade, take a leisurely stroll in the evening, or try gentle yoga stretches.
  • Sleep soundly: Make sure you're getting enough Zzz's. If you're traveling, pack a familiar pillow to keep your neck happy.
  • Move mindfully: Whether it's a walk in the park or a swim at the pool, regular exercise can help reduce stress and keep headaches at bay.
summer headaches, migraine chiropractor in Redwood City

NUCCA Care: Your Ultimate Weapon Against Summer Pain

Besides following the lifestyle tips we shared above, you should definitely consider seeking NUCCA Care. That's where we come in. Dr. Pete and our team are all about getting to the root cause of your headaches. We're talking about those sneaky little misalignments in your neck that can wreak havoc on your entire body. With gentle NUCCA adjustments, we can get your spine back in balance, ease that tension, and help your body do what it does best – heal itself.


Contact Our Migraine Chiropractor In Redwood City Today!

Don't let headaches damper your summer fun. We're here in Redwood City, ready to help you feel your best. Contact us today so we can book your consultation with our migraine chiropractor in Redwood City.


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