hemiplegic migraine, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

When a hemiplegic migraine strikes, it's far more terrifying than a "bad headache". The weakness that washes over one side of your body, the vision changes, the numbness – it can feel like your world is crumbling. The fear that it might be something even worse, like a stroke, adds overwhelming anxiety to the physical pain. If you live with this debilitating condition, you might long for a way to lessen the severity of attacks or even to prevent them altogether. Are you tired of feeling helpless? There might be a solution you haven't yet explored - NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City.


What are Hemiplegic Migraines?

Hemiplegic migraines (HM) are a rare but severe type of migraine headache. They're characterized by a distinct set of symptoms known as an "aura," which usually precedes or accompanies the headache pain. Here's what makes them particularly frightening:

Hemiplegic migraines can be either familial (running in families) or sporadic (occurring without a known genetic link).


The Connection to NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

If you suffer from hemiplegic migraines, there might be a hidden factor contributing to your attacks – a misalignment in your upper neck. The top two vertebrae in your spine, the atlas (C1) and axis (C2), have a crucial job: protecting your brainstem. This vital structure acts like a control center, regulating  blood flow, pain processing, and many other essential functions.

Past injuries, such as whiplash, sports concussions, or falls, can cause slight misalignments in these delicate bones. Even if the initial injury healed long ago, these misalignments can put pressure on your brainstem, potentially disrupting its normal function. This disruption might be a trigger for hemiplegic migraines in some individuals.


How NUCCA Care Can Help

NUCCA chiropractors like Dr. Pete Tsiglieris focus in identifying and correcting misalignments in the upper neck. Through gentle and precise adjustments, they aim to:

hemiplegic migraine, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

What to Expect When You Try NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

If you're considering exploring upper cervical care for your hemiplegic migraines, here's what you can generally expect during your appointments with Dr. Pete Tsiglieris:

If you're ready to explore this potential solution, please reach out. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Pete Tsiglieris and discover if NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City could be the key to a brighter future for you.


basilar migraine, migraine relief in Redwood City

Have you ever felt like your head's in a fog, the ground's shaky, and the lights are playing tricks on you? Do you experience headaches mixed with vertigo and just utter confusion like you're not in your own body? Welcome to the world of basilar migraine – a headache that's more than just a pain in the neck. It's not new for patients who seek migraine relief in Redwood City to hear about basilar migraine for the first time when they come for consultation. But what is it really? And what should you do? How do you know you have this condition? Keep reading to learn more about this rare and dangerous type of migraine.


Behind the Scenes: How Basilar Migraine Throws a Punch

Basilar migraine isn't your usual headache; it comes with a heads-up – an aura that warns of the impending chaos. So, how is basilar migraine different from other kinds? This one's a bit extra – it's not just your head that's on fire. Visual glitches and a weird numbness tag along. It's like a migraine but with a fancy twist, messing with more than just your typical headache zone. Sometimes, your speech, usual conversation, and reading comprehension skills are affected, too.

In the world of basilar migraine, it's all about the basilar artery – the supplier of brain juice. It tightens up, messing with the brainstem, the control center for important stuff. Balance goes haywire, thinking becomes a struggle, and a bunch of symptoms crash the party – vertigo, hearing loss, blurred vision, nausea, and some weak motor moves.


Diagnosis and Symptoms of Basilar Migraine

Spotting basilar migraine is like finding a needle in a haystack. Headache, nausea, throwing up, hating light and sound are the usual suspects. But the lines blur, making it tricky to pinpoint it.

Some of the common causes of this type include stress, hormones acting up, not catching enough sleep, and a wonky diet – these are the villains pushing the basilar artery to tighten up, kickstarting a basilar migraine bash.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Promising Migraine Relief in Redwood City

Now, let's talk about something that might help – Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. There are no magic tricks, just precise and careful neck adjustments to fix nerve issues and get the blood flowing properly. It's like a lifeline without diving into meds or surgeries. So, how does this non-invasive method help with your woes? Imagine a targeted neck tune-up that kicks vertigo and dizziness to the curb. By dealing with your affected nerves linked to upper cervical misalignment and boosting blood flow, upper cervical chiropractic care can be the promising solution to help you against basilar migraines.

basilar migraine, migraine relief in Redwood City

Finding Your Way to Relief

If you're tired of the migraine game, maybe it's time to give Upper Cervical Care a shot. If your life's been affected by these symptoms that interfere with your life, it's time to book a visit to our office. Any injuries or trauma endured in the neck or head area, whether major or minor, can contribute to a misalignment in your upper cervical spine, affecting your brainstem and triggering health issues, including basilar migraines and other headache dramas. Dr. Pete can check if you do have atlas misalignment and suggest the next steps to help you restore balance and achieve natural migraine relief.


nasal sprays, migraine chiropractor in Redwood City

Have you ever found yourself canceling plans at the last minute, robbed of joy by an uninvited migraine? Is shattering a best-laid plan a usual scene in your life due to pounding headaches and other symptoms?

How do you deal with the frustration of watching the world go on around you while a migraine holds you captive, stealing precious hours from your day? 

Do your migraines have a knack for picking the most inconvenient moments to strike, leaving you grappling with pain when you least expect it? Have you ever felt the sting of disappointment as migraines snatch away the enjoyment of a long-awaited event or celebration? The list of disappointments brought by migraine goes on. Patients of a migraine chiropractor in Redwood City were familiar with these scenarios before they were able to find solutions that work best for them.


Understanding Migraine Nasal Sprays

While nasal sprays may not be the first solution that comes to mind for migraines, scientific evidence supports their efficacy. These simple yet powerful remedies have been used for decades and offer a viable alternative or supplement to traditional migraine treatments.

How Nasal Sprays Work

Nasal sprays deliver medication directly into nasal passages, absorbing into the bloodstream and reaching the brain. This targeted delivery reduces inflammation in the nasal passages, a common migraine trigger. Timing is crucial for optimal efficacy—using nasal sprays at the onset of a migraine can significantly enhance their relief.

Convenience and Effectiveness

Nasal sprays are easy to use and store, making them convenient for on-the-go relief. If you struggle with painkillers or experience adverse side effects from medications, nasal sprays may provide a welcome alternative.

nasal sprays, migraine chiropractor in Redwood City

Seek Help from a Migraine Chiropractor in Redwood City

Many migraine sufferers find solace in Upper Cervical Care, a form of chiropractic care focusing on maintaining the proper alignment and balance of your upper cervical spine. This approach addresses signal transmission issues within the nervous system, a common problem for those experiencing migraines.

This non-invasive method focuses on realigning the atlas vertebra, correcting issues arising when the atlas and axis bones shift from neutral alignment. This shift can pressure nerves and blood vessels, contributing to recurring migraines usually caused by accidents or injuries.

Upper Cervical Care can provide lasting relief from migraines and associated symptoms by restoring the alignment of affected structures. If you've been enduring migraines for an extended period, consider booking an appointment with us to know if this method suits your needs.


Omega-3, migraine relief in Redwood City

Are you among many seeking natural migraine relief in Redwood City? Do your migraine episodes take the fun away from you? Do they turn your weekends into a battleground between wanting to enjoy life and seeking refuge in a dark, quiet room? How often did you cancel plans because you're unsure if a migraine attack might ambush your day? Are migraines making your life a rollercoaster of pain and discomfort?

If you're tired of the throbbing headaches, light sensitivity, and the overall toll it takes on your daily life, there might be a combination of natural solutions to help you regain control. First, have you considered taking Omega-3 for migraine management? How about Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

Migraines are more than just severe headaches. They are a neurological disorder that can turn your world upside down. In some cases, there are "pre-pain" signals, known as auras, that often precede the onset of a migraine attack by up to 30 minutes.


The Link Between Omega-3s and Headaches

Omega-3 plays a crucial role in your brain and nervous system development, potentially reducing inflammation. Why does this matter for migraines? Inflammation is a critical component in the development of migraines, influencing their frequency and severity. So, does Omega-3 help migraine management? The science says yes.

Omega-3s are not just about reducing migraines; they also keep your mind sharp as you age, boost mood by tackling anxiety and depression, and even act as stress-busters. Unfortunately, your body can't produce these essential fatty acids alone. Do you know where to find them? Fishes like tuna and salmon are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and if you're a vegetarian, chia seeds and flaxseed can be your go-to options. 

There are supplements available, too, but it's always best to reach out and consult with your healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your diet. This is to ensure you are getting the proper dose and ensure it doesn't trigger interactions with your other medication, if any.

Omega-3, migraine relief in Redwood City

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Migraine Relief in Redwood City

Now, let's talk about a holistic approach to migraine relief that goes hand in hand with your Omega-3 journey. Have you heard of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care? It's not just for your migraines; it addresses overall health issues, including neck pain and posture misalignments. Imagine finding relief from the pounding in your head and the tension in your neck, improving your overall well-being.

Did you know that misalignments in the atlas bone, the topmost vertebra in your spine, can influence migraines? These are usually a result of accidents, injuries, or repetitive physical stress in the area that can throw your atlas out of alignment, affecting the surrounding nerves and potentially triggering migraines. Have you ever considered that the root cause of your migraines might be hidden in the alignment of your spine?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is a safe, effective, and non-invasive approach, providing relief for your migraine episodes triggered by said misalignments. You'll need to seek help from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor to get this done. Unfortunately, misalignments do not heal on their own but only worsen, so getting your spine alignment checked regularly is crucial. Visit our office today, and let us help you find lasting migraine relief.


migraine relief in Redwood City

Have you ever found yourself in Redwood City, grappling with a headache and wondering whether it's a migraine episode or tension pain? Thousands of people relate to your situation. In the bustling pace of life, headaches are a common ailment, but not all headaches are created equal. Understanding the differences between migraine headaches and tension headaches is crucial, and Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care is here to shed light on these distinctions. Hopefully, by understanding how the two conditions vary, you can find significant pain and migraine relief in Redwood City.


Migraine Headaches: The Debilitating Health Woe

Migraines are like that uninvited guest who not only overstays their welcome but also turns your world upside down. They are typically characterized by intense, throbbing pain, often on one side of the head. But have you ever noticed that migraines often bring along their friends – sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and sometimes even visual disturbances known as auras? These symptoms can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, making daily activities feel like insurmountable tasks.


Tension Headaches: The Persistent Companion

On the other hand, tension headaches are more like a persistent companion, often described as a constant, dull ache on both sides of the head. Imagine a tight band squeezing around your forehead – that's the classic sensation of a tension headache. They can last 30 minutes to a few hours and are often linked to stress, poor posture, or lack of sleep.


The Upper Cervical Connection

But here's something you might not know: both types of headaches can be linked to misalignments in the Upper Cervical spine (atlas and axis bones). Dr. Pete Tsiglieris, a NUCCA doctor in Redwood City, CA, emphasizes the importance of this connection. Misalignments in the upper cervical area can affect nerve function and blood flow to the head, potentially triggering both migraine and tension headaches. Hence, addressing them can provide you with lasting and natural headache and migraine relief in Redwood City.

migraine relief in Redwood City

How Can Advanced Spinal Care Provide Migraine Relief in Redwood City?

At Advanced Spinal Care, Dr. Tsiglieris focuses on the NUCCA technique, a gentle and precise form of chiropractic care that aims to correct these misalignments. By restoring proper alignment to the subluxated atlas and axis bones, many patients experience significant relief from both migraine and tension headaches.

If you're in Redwood City struggling with headaches, it might be time to explore this whole-body approach. A consultation with Dr. Tsiglieris could be your first step towards a life with fewer headaches. Don't let migraines or tension headaches dictate your days. Discover the potential benefits of NUCCA chiropractic care and start your journey towards lasting relief. Book your consultation with the good doctor today!


migraine relief in Redwood City

Are you experiencing throbbing, pulsating headaches, but unsure if it's a tension headache or a migraine? Understanding the differences between these two common types of headaches is crucial in finding the right relief. For those seeking migraine relief in Redwood City, there's an alternative approach that's been bringing hope to many. Let's delve into the distinctions.


Recognizing the Telltale Signs

Migraines often come with unique warning signs called auras. These visual disturbances, like flashing lights or zigzag lines, precede the onset of the headache. This is a key feature that sets migraines apart from tension headaches.

Tension headaches are typically characterized by a steady, dull ache that wraps around your head, often caused by stress or muscle tension. On the other hand, migraines can be intense and throbbing, often focusing on one side of the head. They're frequently accompanied by additional symptoms like nausea or vomiting.


What Triggers These Headaches

Tension headaches are often the result of our bodies reacting to stress. The built-up tension in neck and shoulder muscles can lead to a persistent, dull ache. Migraines, on the other hand, have a more diverse range of triggers. Hormonal changes, certain foods, or environmental factors can all contribute to the onset of a migraine attack.

Migraines can have a genetic component, making certain individuals more susceptible. Some people have a heightened sensitivity to external stimuli, like light or sound, which can act as triggers. Understanding these neurological factors can be key in managing and preventing both tension headaches and migraines

What Are the Shared Triggers?

What's fascinating is that both migraine and tension headaches share similar triggers. These may encompass elevated stress levels, inadequate sleep, and specific dietary choices. Grasping these common provokers allows individuals to make lifestyle changes that can significantly diminish the frequency and intensity of both types of headaches.

migraine relief in Redwood City

Empower Yourself with a Gentle Migraine Relief in Redwood City

If you're seeking relief from migraines, consider exploring Upper Cervical Care. This specialized approach focuses on the delicate relationship between your upper cervical spine and the nervous system. By ensuring proper alignment and function in this area, many individuals have experienced significant relief from migraines.

Book an appointment with Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City. With extensive experience in Upper Cervical Care, he's dedicated to providing gentle and effective solutions for those seeking Migraine relief in Redwood City. Take the proactive step towards a life with fewer migraines.


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headache, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Have you been having headaches almost every day that it’s become a regular part of your life? Has it become such a common part of your week that it somehow feel strange and unusual when you don’t have an episode? If so, you must be wondering if there might be something more to your head pains than meets the eye. And the unfortunate answer to that is, there probably is. 

But don’t fret! We have some good news for you! There may be a solution that can provide you with the relief for your headaches and the underlying issues you may have. So hang tight as we delve into everything headache-related and tackle why it pays to seek help from a NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City.


Common Kinds of Headaches

Headaces come in different types and cause varying levels of discomfort and frustration for countless individuals. Let's explore the five most common kinds of headaches and shed some light on their key defining characteristics:

Tension Headaches

These are the most prevalent type, often characterized by a dull, aching sensation around the head. They can last from a few hours to several days and are commonly associated with stress and muscle tension.

Cluster Headaches

While less common, cluster headaches are intensely painful and occur in cyclical patterns or "clusters." They typically last for a shorter duration, ranging from 15 minutes to three hours, but can reoccur multiple times throughout the day.

Sinus Headaches

These headaches result from sinus inflammation and congestion. The pain is usually felt in the forehead, cheeks, and nose. They tend to subside once the underlying sinus issue is resolved.

Hormonal Headaches

Commonly experienced by women, hormonal headaches are linked to fluctuations in estrogen levels during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause. They typically occur prior to or during hormonal changes.


More than just a headache, migraines are debilitating and can significantly impact daily life. They are often accompanied by intense pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and can last for hours to days. Migraines require specific treatment approaches tailored to address their complex nature.

Signs to Take Action Immediately


Manage Headaches Effectively with NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Understanding the different types of headaches is crucial for proper management and if you suspect your headache symptoms and duration go beyond your typical headaches, it’s advisable that you go and get help. If in case you rule out serious concerns that warrant medical attention, you can try NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City. At Advanced Spinal Care, we aim to help our patients address postural imbalance that set off a myriad of health concerns like migraines ahd headaches. So, if you’re ready to be free of your almost daily unwelcome companion, book your appointment with Dr. Pete Tsiglieris today!


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com

migraine relief in Redwood City

Do you suffer from excruciating headaches every day? Are your days plagued by nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and trouble concentrating? You are not alone. Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans live with debilitating migraine attacks? This National Migraine Awareness Month, let’s help you better understand this condition and raise awareness about the resources available to help manage your episodes. 

In this article, we'll discuss the prevalence of migraines in America and provide tips and guidance on how to manage the symptoms. If you're one of the hundreds and thousands of Americans affected by migraines, know that help is available, and you don't have to suffer alone. Hopefully, by the end of the discussion, you can find your best source of migraine relief in Redwood City.


Present-Day America Migraine Statistics

According to the American Migraine Foundation, 1 in 7 Americans experience migraines, making it the third most prevalent illness globally; that's about 12% of the US population or approximately 39 million people. Women are three times more likely to experience migraines than men, and they often notice their symptoms during adolescence or early adulthood.

Despite its prevalence, fewer than 50% of people with migraines consult a physician for diagnosis and care. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding and awareness of the condition and a belief that migraines are just bad headaches that only require over-the-counter pain medications for relief. 

While there is no known cure for migraines, various treatment options are available to help manage symptoms and reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. Some also explore options like Upper Cervical Chiropractic to address issues that may be contributing to their headaches and other migraine symptoms. 

migraine relief in Redwood City

A Trusted Source of Migraine Relief in Redwood City That Provides Promising Results

Migraines can potentially be caused by an atlas subluxation, which is a misalignment of the uppermost vertebrae in the neck. If not addressed promptly and properly, this subluxation can progress, leading to more frequent and severe migraine attacks. For that, the most recommended form of migraine relief in Redwood City is Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

This approach is focused on the realignment of the atlas vertebra to its orthogonal position to allow the whole body system to function as they are meant to without interference. By correcting the atlas subluxation, the body can function optimally, leading to improved overall health and well-being. For quality Upper Cervical Care, many people in the bay area trust Dr. Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care. Don't let migraines stop you from doing what you love or living a happy and fulfilled life. Take the first step towards lasting relief and book your appointment for an Upper Cervical Chiropractic consultation today!


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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headache, fall, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Have you ever had a fall or accident that resulted in a bump on the head? Perhaps it was a minor incident that you didn't think much about at the time, but now you're experiencing unexplainable headaches that just won't go away. Or maybe you know someone who's recently had a fall and is complaining of headaches. 

Whatever the case, post-injury headaches are a common occurrence and can be quite debilitating. Let’s explore the reasons why headaches happen after a fall, including the role of whiplash and atlas subluxation in causing these painful symptoms. This way, you can better understand why it pays to seek NUCCA chiropractic in Redwood City.


Why Headaches Happen After a Fall 

Head injuries from falls can be a scary experience, and the resulting headaches can be a frustrating and painful reminder of the accident. Here are some of the main reasons why headaches happen after a fall:

#1. Mechanics the head injury 

When the head experiences a sudden impact, the brain can move within the skull and hit against the bony structure. This can cause bruising, bleeding, or swelling of the brain, leading to headaches.

#2. Role of whiplash

Whiplash is a common neck injury that can occur during a fall, causing the neck to suddenly snap forward and back. This can strain the neck muscles and cause tension headaches.

#3. Atlas subluxation

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra at the base of the skull, and it can become misaligned after a fall, causing a condition called atlas subluxation. This misalignment can affect the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, leading to headaches.

It's essential to seek medical attention after a fall to rule out any severe head injuries that may require immediate care. If you're experiencing headaches after a fall, a healthcare professional can help determine the cause and recommend appropriate ways for you to address them and find relief.


Common Post-Injury Headaches Relief Options

When it comes to treating post-injury headaches, there are several options available. Here are some common treatments for headaches after a fall:

headache, fall, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Trying NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City for Headache Relief

NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City takes a specialized approach in restoring balance in the body after a slip-and-fall accident. It focuses on correcting the alignment of the atlas vertebra and uses gentle and precise adjustments to improve your posture and help your body function smoothly. If you're experiencing headaches after a fall and you have confirmed with your doctor that it’s nothing dangerous, it's worth considering seeing a NUCCA doctor like Dr. Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of NUCCA for yourself.



To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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migraine, accident, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Have you ever experienced sitting in traffic in a car wreck after another driver cut your lane? Was the damage to your car was minimal, but you feel constant throbbing in your neck and head? Over the next few days, do your headaches became increasingly severe and you also experience add-on symptoms like pulsing pain and sensitivity to light and sound? 

Before the accident, you never experience migraines before, and now they keep disrupting your daily life. So you begin asking yourself: “Will this be my reality?” and “Will I become a slave to migraine pain?”. 

If all these sound quite familiar to you, then you’re in the right place! This article will help you understand what is happening to you, how it happened, and how you can free yourself from the debilitating condition of migraine with the help of a Doctor of NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City.

The Hidden Culprit of Post-Accident Migraines

When you're in a car accident, your body is subjected to a sudden and intense force that can cause a variety of injuries. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents, and it occurs when your head is violently jerked forward and then backward, causing your neck to move beyond its normal range of motion. This sudden motion can damage the delicate ligaments and muscles in your neck, leading to pain, stiffness, and headaches. 

But whiplash is not just a painful condition in itself. It can also lead to a condition called atlas subluxation or misalignment. This can cause a variety of health problems, including migraines. When your atlas is out of alignment, it can put pressure on your nervous system and disrupt the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. This can trigger a migraine, which is a type of headache characterized by intense pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and nausea.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from migraines don't realize that their condition may be caused by an atlas subluxation. That's why it's important to seek out a qualified medical expert who can help you determine the cause of your migraines and develop a plan to address the underlying issue. That is because by addressing the underlying atlas subluxation, you can not only find relief from your migraines but also improve your overall health and well-being. So if you're struggling with migraines after a car accident, don't suffer in silence. Seek out help immediately.

migraine, accident, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City for Effective Migraine Management

If you've been suffering from migraines after a car accident, it's time to take control of your health and give yourself the relief you deserve. Upper Cervical Care has been an effective approach to migraine relief, especially those triggered by an atlas subluxation after an injury or vehicular accident.

Through gentle adjustments, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor can correct the underlying atlas subluxation that is triggering your migraines. This natural, non-invasive approach works with your body's own healing abilities to promote wellness and reduce pain. So if you're tired of living with the hidden toll of car accidents and the constant pain of migraines, it's time to take action. Visit Dr. Tsiglieris and learn how you can benefit from exploring NUCCA Care in Redwood City.


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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