migraine relief in Redwood City

Migraine is not the same for everybody. There are about 35 million people who are living with migraine in the U.S. alone. These people are likely to be experiencing different types of migraine. Some people discover effective migraine relief in Redwood City early on, but in some cases, it may take longer to find an optimal approach to help with their condition.

Migraine is not the same for everybody, but what's consistent about it is it tends to bring pain and suffering to people due to its debilitating symptoms.

If you're new to the painful world of migraine, it's helpful to know that there are different types. The common ones will include migraine with aura or complicated migraine and migraine without aura or common migraine—many people looking for migraine relief in Redwood City experience these common types. There are also rare types of migraine, and we'll explore these more in this article.


Rare types of migraine

#1. Hemiplegic Migraine

One of the most common symptoms of this very severe but rare type of migraine is weakness on one side of your body. Unfortunately, this one-sided weakness is very similar to what happens to your body during a stroke, making it challenging to diagnose correctly. 

#2. Migraine With Brainstem Aura

These used to be referred to as basilar-type migraines because they thought narrowing or spasming of the basilar artery in your brain caused them. Experts now know nerves, not vessels, bring migraine with brainstem aura. Its known symptoms are similar to hemiplegic migraines without muscle weakness, where they usually come on slowly, followed by head pain.

#3. Abdominal Migraine

Anyone can experience this type, but it's more prominent in children ages 5-9. Most kids tend to outgrow abdominal migraines when they reach 16 years of age. Pain is usually located right behind the belly button, which might resemble feelings of mild soreness. Symptoms will also include nausea, vomiting, reduced appetite, and skin that is paler than usual. However, it's not uncommon for kids who get migraine headaches as adults. 

#4. Ocular Migraine

This vision-related migraine doesn't often manifest head pain as a symptom. Instead, experts are looking at the connection between ocular migraine and the unusual electrical activity in the brain. If this happens on the outer surface of your brain, it's called a migraine with aura. If it happens in the back of your eye in your retina, it's called an ocular migraine. Ocular migraine can also come from a lack of blood flow to your retina.

A light that comes from your phones or electronic screens can be a trigger for ocular migraine. They usually happen in just one of your eyes and can have severe symptoms, like temporary vision loss.

migraine relief in Redwood City

Different types, single approach - how upper cervical care provides migraine relief in Redwood City

If you or a loved one is struggling with migraine and have tried several remedies with little success, it may be time to consider upper cervical chiropractic care. This natural, non-invasive technique involves correcting the upper cervical spine misalignment that may be linked to the onset of your migraine symptoms. 

Dr. Pete Tsiglieris, a trusted upper cervical chiropractic doctor with a good track record for migraine relief in Redwood City, has helped many patients improve their quality of life by living pain-free. Upper cervical care is a gentle, non-invasive approach that helps realign the upper bones in the neck. This area is particularly vulnerable to misalignment because it houses the brainstem, which controls many of the body's vital functions. 

When the bones in this area are out of alignment, it can disrupt the flow of nervous system signals and lead to various problems, including migraines.

If you want to start living free from migraine pain and discomfort, contact us today by calling (650) 595-0500 to schedule a consultation. You may also book online by using our online contact form. We look forward to helping you find the relief you deserve!


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chiropractor for migraine in Redwood City

Our chiropractor for migraine in Redwood City has seen different reasons why a patient suffers from migraines. Studies associate it with various causes and triggers, including genetics, food allergies, and weather fluctuations. Interestingly, it can also stem from a malfunctioning central nervous system (CNS). 

Essentially, the central nervous primarily consists of the brain and spinal cord. It also has the part that connects your brain to your spinal cord, the brainstem, sitting right at the bottom of the brain. If any of these happens, migraines can potentially follow:


Cause of CNS Malfunction

A chiropractor for migraine in Redwood City can help you address a spine issue leading to migraine. But it's important to understand the spine's function and how it affects the CNS. Your spine helps keep the balance in your body and keep you upright. It also houses and protects your central nervous system, which is critical in the communication between the body and the brain.

A misalignment in the upper spine, also known as vertebral subluxation, can interfere with its crucial function and disrupt the signals the brain is trying to send to the body. This can lead to a series of health concerns, including the onset of migraine episodes. 

chiropractor for migraine in Redwood City

Chiropractic Care for Migraine

To address health concerns that start in the spine, particularly from a misalignment, correcting them will help improve what's triggering your migraines. A chiropractor for migraine in Redwood City accustomed to upper cervical chiropractic care can help relieve migraine patients due to its promising potential in managing chronic migraine episodes.

By focusing on the top two spine bones - atlas and axis - and correcting their alignment, the stress and pressure on your nervous system get relieved. This can restore your normal blood flow, and your body will heal naturally, making you cope better when you experience a migraine episode.

The adjustment process is safe, gentle, and precise, using only light pressure to lead your bones back to their proper alignment. Restoring your spine's alignment and balance can potentially reduce the debilitating symptoms accompanying every migraine attack.


Consult with a Chiropractor for Migraine in Redwood City

Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care is a trusted upper cervical chiropractic doctor in Redwood City. He helps migraine patients experience relief by utilizing the NUCCA chiropractic method. If you wish to get rid of your chronic migraine pain through natural ways, book an appointment with Dr. Pete by calling (650) 595-0500 or through this online booking form. Don't let migraine take over your life. Call us today!


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migraine, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Besides causing significant discomfort, migraines are notorious for their financial and physical impacts on patients and the country. For example, did you know that the country spends up to $11 billion to cover migraine management each year? Companies also suffer the impact because migraines affect employee productivity. 

Besides the financial burden, studies note that migraines have varying physical impacts on patients. For example, some patients seeking NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City report excruciating head pain that prevents them from doing anything until the episode subsides. Others also note other symptoms that hinder them from functioning correctly, like visual aura, upset stomach, lethargy, and unexplainable tiredness.


Potential Sources of Migraine Relief Today

Thankfully, various healthcare and wellness innovations have paved the way for better migraine management. Below are a few examples of valuable sources of migraine relief: 

migraine, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

You might also find it helpful to adjust your lifestyle to prevent your episodes from overtaking your usual routine. For example, if your attacks occur because of excessive caffeine intake, you might find it helpful to limit your caffeine consumption. You can also look into pre-existing health problems that may add to the problem and increase your risk for worsening symptoms.


Combat Migraines with NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Migraine attacks should not prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Find out how you can potentially overcome or reduce the intensity of your symptoms with the help of NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City. Our NUCCA doctor, Dr. Pete Tsiglieris, is committed to helping patients like you lead healthier lives with the help of carefully planned atlas and axis bone adjustments. 

Plenty of our patients can attest to the quality of care we offer. So, if you would like to explore NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City for migraine relief, you can be confident to enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience at our practice. 

Call us at (650) 595-0500 or email our team through our web form if you have questions about NUCCA care or want to book your consultation with our chiropractor.


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migraine relief in Redwood City

Are you looking for a natural source of migraine relief in Redwood City because you’re tired of taking medications? It’s okay! You’re not alone; some people aren’t keen on taking pain relievers. Several opt to manage their migraine symptoms with natural remedies like upper cervical care, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and diet modification. But the question is, do they work? Let’s tackle them one by one.

Upper cervical care

Rather than providing temporary relief, upper cervical chiropractic aims to address one of the likely root causes of the pain – misaligned neckbones. It is a precise technique that applies minimal force on the neckbones at a specific angle to resolve the postural problem. 

Primarily, it helps relieve pressure on the brainstem and trigeminal nerve – two tissues that studies widely associate with migraine attacks. Additionally, the technique helps ease tension on the neck and prevent increased intracranial pressure due to neurovascular compression. 


Some patients who prefer a natural approach to relieving their migraines opt for acupuncture. It’s a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves placing acupuncture needles on certain points of the body to improve the flow of energy (chi). 


There are also a significant number of patients who swear by the relief they experience thanks to aromatherapy. Some opt to inhale the essential oils with the help of air diffusers, while others prefer applying a blend of essential oils and carrier oils directly to their temples. 

Diet modification

Several studies have proven that diet can affect the intensity and frequency of a migraine attack. That’s because some food items can set off the symptoms while others can help combat the effects of an episode. So, we suggest outlining your food triggers and crossing them off your grocery list while including migraine-fighting food and drinks in your diet.


Experience migraine relief in Redwood City today!

Ready to experience significant migraine relief in Redwood City? Dr. Tsiglieries can help! Here at Advanced Spinal Care, we strive to provide quality chiropractic care to our patients. Following the NUCCA technique, our upper cervical doctor offers an in-depth assessment of the neckbones and customized care plans that help correct postural imbalances in the neck.

Find out more about this technique and how it can apply to your situation by calling us at (650) 595-0500. You can also write to us using our contact form.


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500. You can also click the button below.

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basilar migraines, migraine chiropractor in Redwood City

Many patients looking for a migraine chiropractor in Redwood City experience varying types of migraines. One of which is basilar migraines. Not many people know so much about it because it only affects 0.04 percent of the US population. It is also rarely discussed in blogs and other types of online references.

If you have this condition and hope to find a way to manage its effects on your life better, we suggest going through our discussion on basilar migraines.


Basilar Migraines: Key Symptoms to Look Out For

Basilar migraine primarily stems from the brainstem – a nervous system tissue that connects the brain to the spinal cord. This form of migraine can trigger headaches and visual symptoms like double vision and dizziness. Sometimes, it can also affect body coordination causing affected individuals to experience a loss of balance during an attack. Notably, some people looking for a migraine chiropractor in Redwood City report additional symptoms like slurred speech, confusion, and impaired hearing.


Triggers You Should Avoid to Prevent Worse Episodes

Basilar migraines have several triggers that you can easily avoid or manage. Some examples of these include stress, physical and mental overexertion, starvation, sleep deprivation, and sensory overload. However, some triggers are a bit trickier to control. These include hormonal changes and changing environmental factors like temperature and air pressure.


Ways to Relieve Your Basilar Migraine Attacks


Call a Migraine Chiropractor in Redwood City for Help

When your headaches don’t seem ordinary, you might want to seek a migraine chiropractor in Redwood City like Dr. Pete Tsiglieris. He helps patients cope better with migraine attacks, even the basilar types, through gentle neck bone adjustments. Each of our chiropractic patient receives a customized care plan designed to address the changes in the C1 and C2 bones. If you want to learn more about how the technique works and how it might apply to your case, contact us at (650) 595-0500. We also encourage you to book your appointment online.


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

migraine relief in Redwood City

Many people who experience migraines regularly notice odd and unexpected symptoms before, during, and after their episodes. They take advantage of these signs to know when they need to seek extra patient care or their go-to options for migraine relief in Redwood City. 

Do you happen to notice uncommon migraine signs and symptoms too? Let's look at the top 5 most unexpected sins of migraine episodes below. 

False Smells 

Besides causing visual problems, migraines can also set off other sensory issues, such as detecting scents that aren't actually there. Although considered extremely rare, olfactory hallucinations are real and can cause slight problems in migraineurs.

Brain Fog

Several migraineurs experience brain fog or impaired cognition. This may be because of the heightened brain activity and the significant changes in the brain chemicals during an episode. 

Body temperature fluctuations

Some patients seeking migraine relief in Redwood City report body temperature fluctuations a few hours or days before an attack. They mostly experience body chills and unexplained hot flushes, making their episodes more debilitating. 


A 2018 case study notes that yawning is among the most common self-reported migraine symptoms before or during an attack. Unfortunately, researchers remain clueless as to why it happens. 


Allodynia refers to a symptom that affects your ability to process pain. Studies note that this symptom also manifests in some migraineurs, leaving them highly sensitive to sensory stimuli like heat, pressure, and whatnot.


Embrace Life-Changing Migraine Relief in Redwood City With NUCCA Care

So, which of the symptoms above do you observe before or during an episode? Do you have other surprising migraine indicators? We would love to hear about it! 

More importantly, we want to help you overcome these symptoms and recurring migraine attacks with the help of NUCCA care – a specialized technique in upper cervical chiropractic. Dr. Tsiglieris is a committed NUCCA doctor who carefully studies each case of cervical subluxation and provides tailored-fit neck bone adjustments to fix postural balance and restore balance in the nervous system.

Many patients can attest to the quality patient care he provides, so it may be worth it to learn more about his holistic approach to managing migraine attacks as soon as possible. 

Contact Advanced Spinal Care so you can begin seeking improved migraine symptoms. You may reach us online or by phone at (650) 595-0500. You’re only a few steps away from lasting migraine relief in Redwood City.


To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500. You can also click the button below.

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