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Muscle knots are one of the leading reasons behind an achy body. It’s also one of the things that people ask about when they visit a Redwood City upper cervical chiropractic practice like Advanced Spinal Care. Essentially, muscle knots develop on highly active body parts such as the neck, shoulders, and lower and upper extremities. They develop gradually and pose very little threat to your life. However, if left unresolved, they can impede your ability to work on physically demanding tasks like running errands and lifting objects at work.


How Do Muscle Knots Develop? 

Many patients who come in at our Redwood City upper cervical chiropractic practice for muscle knot relief trace their problems to the following: 


How to Relieve Muscle Knots the Natural Way

If you have achy muscles or notice tense or bumpy structures on your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and legs, we suggest trying the following remedies:


Old and New Patients Are Welcome at Our Redwood City Upper Cervical Chiropractic Practice

Whether you’re an old or new patient who needs Redwood City upper cervical chiropractic care, we can help. Our practice offers the best chiropractic care for patients who shows apparent signs of C1 and C2 bone misalignments. 

Come by our office for your first or follow-up appointment so we can help you with muscle knots and other health complaints. You can also reach us at (650) 595-0500 or through our contact form.


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Redwood City upper cervical chiropractic provides patients various levels of pain relief. Muscle knots can be in a spectrum of intensities, ranging from mild to excruciating pain levels. How do muscle knots occur in your back, shoulders, neck, and other body areas? Let’s find out.

Why Is It Called A Muscle Knot?

A knot occurs when muscle fibers remain tight and not relaxing. It frequently happens to muscles whenever they become overused for a prolonged period and when they are misused. This experience of seemingly tightened muscle fibers is similar to feeling like a knot under your skin. Thus, this particular term becomes used to describe such a sensation.

What Causes A Muscle Knot?

Muscle knots can occur due to injuries. It can also originate from the following reasons:

Accidents are hard to avoid because they can appear suddenly without warning. However, there are several things you can do to keep these muscle knots in check. Redwood City upper cervical chiropractic can also help you with this problem.

Keeping Muscle Knots At Bay

Getting Natural Relief From Muscle Knots

Depending on the severity, muscle knots are relatively easy to solve. For some people, a simple massage from a loved one can provide relief. For more advanced cases, a licensed therapist can help. However, for those muscle knots that frequently appear, especially those in the neck and shoulders, the root cause may be more severe than previously thought. A misalignment in the spine can be an acute and long term threat to your overall health. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to get it corrected. Who can help?

Redwood City Upper Cervical Chiropractic 

Unless the misalignment gets corrected, the muscle knot will keep on coming back. Therefore, it is imperative to seek the help of an upper cervical chiropractor. How so?

If the upper cervical spine is out of alignment, it can be why the muscles tighten in and around the neck, shoulders, and back. Fixing the misalignment may immediately prevent the knot from recurring. Also, the knots in the neck and immediate areas stop, removing any pain there is. Visit Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, CA. to achieve lasting pain relief from muscle knots. Call us at (650) 595-0500 or send us a message.

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Want to know how your misalignment is affecting your body?

Advanced Spinal Care now provides our patients with a great tool to see how your body is affected by your unique misalignment.
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