A Natural Solution to Your Carpal Tunnel Pain

Do you feel pain in your fingers that seem to radiate from the palm to your arms? According to a Redwood City CA upper cervical chiropractor, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Finding a natural way to manage the pain may not be as difficult as you think.

The Median Nerve

On the frontal part of our forearms, we can find the median nerve. It is a primary nerve with strands that trace some of their roots from the neck’s middle section, the C5 to C7. The median nerve traverses through the carpal tunnel, a thin channel in our wrist.

How Is the Pain Triggered?

Given that the carpal tunnel is a narrow passage, it is not difficult to inflict damage on the median nerve. Here are some possibilities:

  • Muscle swelling

When the muscles around the pathway become swollen, they can press against the median nerve, which sets off the pain.

  • Inflammation of the joints

Arthritis is a primary condition that contributes to joint inflammation in the wrist area. The result is an even more narrow carpal tunnel. When this happens, the median nerve has to squeeze through the smaller opening, which can induce pain.

  • Neck injury

Vehicular and sports-related accidents can cause neck injuries. Such incidents may dislodge the neck’s bones and discs and lead to a misalignment. With the vertebrae knocked off their original places, they can apply pressure on the surrounding area. This can trigger reactions that include pain from a pinched median nerve.

Chiropractic Care as A Natural Relief Option

Although many people take medications to ease the pain, you can also seek chiropractic professional assistance. If you live in Redwood City CA upper cervical chiropractor Dr. Tsiglieris here at Advanced Spinal Care can complete an evaluation. He can identify misalignment issues in your neck.

He can use the latest technology to restore alignment, easing the pressure on the median nerve. Come and schedule your appointment with Dr. Tsiglieris now. Through chiropractic care, you may experience relief from carpal tunnel pain naturally.

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