America's Migraine Crisis: Are You at Risk?

migraine relief in Redwood City

Do you suffer from excruciating headaches every day? Are your days plagued by nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and trouble concentrating? You are not alone. Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans live with debilitating migraine attacks? This National Migraine Awareness Month, let’s help you better understand this condition and raise awareness about the resources available to help manage your episodes. 

In this article, we'll discuss the prevalence of migraines in America and provide tips and guidance on how to manage the symptoms. If you're one of the hundreds and thousands of Americans affected by migraines, know that help is available, and you don't have to suffer alone. Hopefully, by the end of the discussion, you can find your best source of migraine relief in Redwood City.


Present-Day America Migraine Statistics

According to the American Migraine Foundation, 1 in 7 Americans experience migraines, making it the third most prevalent illness globally; that's about 12% of the US population or approximately 39 million people. Women are three times more likely to experience migraines than men, and they often notice their symptoms during adolescence or early adulthood.

Despite its prevalence, fewer than 50% of people with migraines consult a physician for diagnosis and care. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding and awareness of the condition and a belief that migraines are just bad headaches that only require over-the-counter pain medications for relief. 

While there is no known cure for migraines, various treatment options are available to help manage symptoms and reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. Some also explore options like Upper Cervical Chiropractic to address issues that may be contributing to their headaches and other migraine symptoms. 

migraine relief in Redwood City

A Trusted Source of Migraine Relief in Redwood City That Provides Promising Results

Migraines can potentially be caused by an atlas subluxation, which is a misalignment of the uppermost vertebrae in the neck. If not addressed promptly and properly, this subluxation can progress, leading to more frequent and severe migraine attacks. For that, the most recommended form of migraine relief in Redwood City is Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

This approach is focused on the realignment of the atlas vertebra to its orthogonal position to allow the whole body system to function as they are meant to without interference. By correcting the atlas subluxation, the body can function optimally, leading to improved overall health and well-being. For quality Upper Cervical Care, many people in the bay area trust Dr. Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care. Don't let migraines stop you from doing what you love or living a happy and fulfilled life. Take the first step towards lasting relief and book your appointment for an Upper Cervical Chiropractic consultation today!


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