Can Gua Sha Help with TMJ Disorder?

gua sha, upper cervical chiropractor in Redwood City

The word gua sha is derived from a Chinese word that literally translates to skin scraping therapy. In case you don't know what gua sha is, it's a tool used in traditional and natural healing originating from Chinese medicine. It's believed to help in releasing pressure in the face. In traditional Chinese medicine, trained professionals will stroke and press your skin using gua sha, a smooth-edged tool, to help with chronic pain and release pressure in the face. A trained professional using gua sha and an upper cervical chiropractor in Redwood City both apply natural and non-invasive techniques to help with the pain.

Gua sha also loosely translates to "dredging meridian stagnation." The term meridian in Chinese medicine describes a flow of energy in the human body, and gua sha is believed to reduce obstacles by dredging or digging up the meridian stagnation and letting the energy in the body flow without interference.


Benefits of Gua Sha

  • Relieve muscle and joint pain or musculoskeletal disorders, including back pain, tendon strain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Benefit the immune system
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Alleviate symptoms caused by things like cold, fever, respiratory disorders, digestive issues, insomnia, and perimenopause 


Gua Sha for TMJ Disorder

This type of disorder is classified as musculoskeletal pain that affects the two joints which connect your skull, jaw, and surrounding muscles. Gua sha is believed to help relieve musculoskeletal pain by:

  • Reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain through the increase of the heme-oxygenase enzyme
  • Altering immune system function by enabling an immunomodulatory effect
  • Increasing circulation in the TMJ area
  • Reducing pain around the neurological receptors

Anecdotal pieces of evidence find gua sha helpful for TMJ. Upper cervical care may benefit you if you're looking for another method that can give lasting relief.

gua sha, upper cervical chiropractor in Redwood City

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Redwood City Can Help with TMJ Disorder

Some TMJ patients swear by the relief and comfort they receive following a series of upper cervical adjustments. Experts believe in the connection between the upper cervical bones, which consist of the atlas and axis, and your TMJ. When there is a misalignment in the bones, it can lead to an imbalance when it comes to muscle tension and posture.

Your atlas and axis are the focus of an upper cervical chiropractor in Redwood City. They see to it that your bones are in proper alignment and balance and that there is no interference in the blood flow to and from your brain. Your topmost bone, the atlas, is located just beneath the skull, which is very close to the jawline. If it shifts out of its proper position, you may feel the effects in the jaw and the facial nerves, leading to TMJ disorder symptoms such as pain, swelling, and a grinding or popping sound when chewing.

Your TMJ area has intimate connections among the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and bones; pain can be felt throughout the neck and up the ear. The low force applied to realign your bones to their proper position helps relieve the pressure on your neck and spine. This can help your body heal naturally and reduce the onset of symptoms, including that of TMJ disorder.

To further understand how upper cervical care will help you, visit Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advance Spinal Care. He is a go-to upper cervical chiropractor in Redwood City, helping TMJ patients manage their pain and discomfort for many years. You may book your appointment by calling (650) 595-0500 or using their online contact form.


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To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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