Digital Dizziness: Solving It with A Natural Solution

Staring at phones and devices for an extended duration is standard for most people. Did you ever feel lightheaded or dizzy after doing so? The sensation may last for a few seconds. This dizzy spell could be a sign of a significant problem. A California vertigo chiropractor based in Redwood City has been giving relief to people suffering from dizziness and vertigo for many years.

What is Digital Dizziness?

This digital dizziness is called cybersickness or also known as digital motion sickness. This type of dizziness is a problem that takes place in the central nervous system – which manages blood regulation and controls the oxygen flow to various parts of the body, most notably to the brain. Usually, this kind of symptom is under the diagnosis of vertigo.

Digital dizziness is a new way that dizziness affects the majority of people. Traditional motion sickness occurs when the joints and muscles sense motion. However, the eyes do not see it. With this new type of dizziness, the opposite happens. The eyes can see the movement as it happens on a PC monitor or mobile phone, but the body does not feel it. This condition mostly affects women, especially those who already have a history of concussions or migraines.

This California Vertigo Chiropractor Based in Redwood City Can Help

Dr. Tsiglieris helps numerous patients achieve natural relief from vertigo and dizziness in Redwood City, California. Dr. Tsiglieris is a NUCCA upper cervical chiropractor who focuses on the atlas (C1) vertebrae. The atlas bone has a significant effect on balance problems if it shifts out of alignment. Take note that the atlas is near the Eustachian tube in the ear. 

When the atlas vertebra is out of its normal position, it distorts the proper function of the ear. Once the atlas realigns to its proper placement, the communication between the inner ear, brain, and body improve, and vertigo symptoms frequently go away in due in time.  

In fact, there was a clinical study in 2006 involving 60 patients with vertigo receiving upper cervical chiropractic care. Among all, 48 patients got complete resolution of their symptoms, and the remaining 12 of them had significant reductions in the severity of their vertigo.You can visit Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood, California for a consultation with Dr. Tsiglieris. Schedule an appointment by clicking this link here.

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