Explaining Ear Crystals and Their Impact on Your Balance

ear crystals, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City, CA

You know those little moments of surprise when the world spins as you pick something off the floor? That's your inner ear sending out an SOS. Inside, there are these tiny calcium carbonate wonders called ear crystals. Dr. Pete Tsiglieris, your friendly neighborhood Upper Cervical doctor, gets how unsettling it can be when these crystals go off-track. Learn more about these dislodged inner ear crystals and how you can alleviate the vertigo episodes they trigger with the help of NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City, CA.


Ear Crystals: Your Body’s Natural Gyroscope

Think of ear crystals as your internal gyroscope, always attuned to your movements. They're your body's natural motion detectors, keenly feeling each tilt and turn of your head. Like diligent messengers, they swiftly relay these positional changes to your brain, which in turn keeps you steady on your feet. It's a seamless process — when these crystals are aligned, your balance feels just right, as if everything's clicking into place.


When Ear Crystals Fall Out of Line

Notably, these inner ear crystals can sometimes wander off and get stuck in places where they shouldn’t be, affecting how your brain perceives balance and movement. This is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), and here's what it feels like:

  • Dizzy Spells: It's like a merry-go-round in your head when you're just trying to tie your shoes.
  • Queasiness: That unwanted stomach flip that comes with the spins.
  • A Wobbly World: Feeling like you're walking on a boat, even on solid ground.

It’s still unclear how the problem occurs but studies so far have listed a few potential triggers of BPPV including:

  • Natural aging process
  • A long history of neck and head trauma
  • A history of inner ear infection or acoustic neuroma


Finding Your Footing Again with NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City, CA

It’s essential to recognize that those brief, disorienting episodes of BPPV are not isolated events; they could be an indication pointing to an atlas subluxation, a slight misalignment of the first cervical vertebra. At Advanced Spinal Care, Dr. Pete Tsiglieris understands the intricate dance between the alignment of your neck and the health of your inner ear. Correcting an atlas subluxation can be the key to harmonizing your body's balance system, allowing you to navigate life with poise and stability.

If you're seeking relief from the spinning sensation of vertigo, consider this your invitation to explore a path to steadiness. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tsiglieris, and embark on a journey to reclaim your equilibrium. Your balance is not just a physical state—it's a foundation for living freely. Let's restore yours.


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