How Your Neck Plays a Major Role in Lower Back Pain

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This might surprise you, but if you ask our chiropractic doctor for back pain based in Redwood City, he can prove that your neck’s alignment can trigger lower back pain. There is a high chance that a misalignment in your upper cervical spine (upper neck) caused other vertebral bones to shift and the lower back muscles to stiffen. Not sure how this happens? Read on as we tackle how changes in your neck bones can potentially hurt your back and what you can do to cope.


Your Cervical and Lumbar Spine are All Interconnected

A chiropractic doctor for back pain based in Redwood City has dealt with numerous patients whose lower back pain stems from an undiagnosed neck bone misalignment. This happens because the bones in our spine are all connected. So, naturally, if you have a misalignment in the neck, the connection between the whole spine becomes disrupted and affected. 

Your atlas or C1 bone is the main bone that carries the weight of your head (anywhere between 11 to 14 lbs). It is also vital in making your head turn in different directions, increasing its susceptibility to misalignment than other spinal bones. If the atlas shifts away from the body’s central axis, its adjacent bones must compromise their alignment to keep the head upright. Consequently, cervical bone shifting can lead to additional problems such as: 

  • Nerve compression in various areas of the spinal cord
  • Increased risks for disc herniation
  • Stiff muscles, especially on the neck, shoulders, hips, and legs
  • Decreased blood flow to the brain
  • Constant pain signal transmission to and fro your central nervous system
  • Increased risks for neuropathic problems such as sciatica


Talk to a chiropractic doctor for back pain based in Redwood City

If you have a recurring lower back pain that doesn't seem to go away despite your efforts, it's probably due to an unknown problem in your neck. Talking to a chiropractic doctor for back pain based in Redwood City may be able to shed some light on your condition.

Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care is a licensed neck chiropractor. He can help identify if you have atlas and axis misalignments by using scientific tools and imaging. He will then discuss how upper cervical chiropractic adjustments can help you resolve your back pain and neck problems.

Get a free consultation from our practice to understand how you can achieve natural back pain relief through neck bone adjustments. Call us at (650) 595-0500 or fill out this online form to book your appointment. Let us help you eliminate your lower back pain so you can enjoy your day-to-day life with no worries.


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Want to know how your misalignment is affecting your body?

Advanced Spinal Care now provides our patients with a great tool to see how your body is affected by your unique misalignment.
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