How to Cope When Pinched Nerves Are in Stealth Mode

pinched nerves, NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City

Are you familiar with pinched nerves? Then you might know that familiar pinch with discomfort in your neck or back area after prolonged periods of sitting. What about that feeling like you're carrying an invisible backpack of discomfort when pinched nerves flare up? Do you no longer have the courage to binge-watch your favorite shows or play that video game you like because prolonged screen time is synonymous with pain and discomfort? 

Did you know that pinched nerves can sometimes be in stealth mode? Studies note that sometimes, nerve compression can cause little to no discomfort but might trigger other symptoms like weakness in the affected area, numbing sensation, and pins and needles. Our NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City, Dr. Tsiglieris, has plenty of patients who experience painless pinched nerves. Typically, a pinched nerve is associated with pain. But in some cases, the usual signals of discomfort and symptoms are subtle, yet they can still affect your daily life.


Pinched Nerves Symptoms Sans Pain

Contrary to popular belief, pinched nerves don't always come with pain. Instead, they may manifest through subtle yet impactful symptoms, which include tingling, numbness, weakness, and muscle cramps. Even without the apparent discomfort, these signs indicate a need for proper diagnosis and care.

In most cases, these symptoms may clear within a few days, but persistent issues lasting four to six weeks or more could indicate underlying causes, such as misalignments in your upper cervical spine area. Seeking assistance, including from a NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City is crucial for a timely recovery. This is because these types of misalignments don't heal on their own. Instead, they need expert care to stop symptoms and prompt proper healing and recovery.


Consequences of Nerve Compression

Ignoring pinched nerve symptoms, even when pain is absent, can have severe consequences. Prolonged compression may lead to chronic pain, permanent nerve damage, and irreversible issues. If symptoms persist for more than six weeks, even without the pain, you must take action before the situation worsens. So, despite the absence of pain and discomfort, getting your pinched nerves sorted out is imperative to your well-being.

pinched nerves, NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City

How a NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City Can Help

A significant contributor to pinched nerves is an upper cervical spine misalignment, often stemming from trauma, injury, poor posture, or stress. NUCCA chiropractors can help you identify and address these misalignments. Thorough examinations, including X-ray scans, help pinpoint the severity and unique adjustments needed for each individual.

NUCCA care helps relieve stress and pressure on the nerves through gentle and precise adjustments. As the tension diminishes, normal function returns to the affected area, gradually alleviating symptoms. If a pinched nerve is affecting your life, consider contacting us to experience the benefits of NUCCA care firsthand. Let us help ease your worries because life is meant to be enjoyable without discomfort.


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