How to Ease Stress-Related Neck Pain

If you are looking for neck pain relief in Redwood City, CA, we’re here to help. Neck pain is a common complaint in today’s world. Stress, technology, and our jobs can cause our neck pain. People manage stress differently. While our minds carry our mental and emotional stress, our bodies do, too. We “store” our stress in spots such as our neck. 

One doctor breaks down where people store their stress.

  • Women – the upper back and neck
  • Men – the lower back
  • Kids – the neck and middle back

When we store up our stress, it often causes tension that leads to pain, headaches, and other distressing symptoms. The impact gets worse when an upper cervical misalignment is present. Why is that so?

The Link Between Upper Cervical Misalignments and Neck Pain

When the uppermost bones of the spine — the atlas and axis — get out of alignment, it makes the rest of the spine shift to compensate for the imbalance of the head. Furthermore, it causes changes in soft tissue and pressure on the various nerves, leading to pain that radiates in the back, shoulders, and even the face. 

Some people are skeptical about going to a general chiropractor as they are scared of the popping and twisting of the spine that often happens during general chiropractic adjustments. But this is not the case with upper cervical chiropractors. What makes upper cervical chiropractic different from traditional chiropractic?

  • Low Force – Adjustments are gentle and long-lasting.
  • Focus – It focuses on the atlas and axis, the top two bones of the neck as they can impact the entire spine.
  • Precision – It uses diagnostic imaging to locate and discern misalignments down to hundredths of a degree. 
  • Affordable – The gentle and long-lasting adjustments of the upper neck bones hold longer. Not only does it give the body more time to heal, but it also can result in fewer visits. This can help patients save a lot of money compared to weekly adjustments. 

If you want to experience these benefits and see for yourself if upper cervical chiropractic care is the best treatment option for your neck pain, schedule a consultation with Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California today!

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