Ice vs. Heat: Which is Better for Whiplash Relief?

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Whiplash remains one of the leading injuries in the USA, with over three million reported cases per year. It can stem from various traumatic incidents like a rear-end car accident or a head-to-head collision during a sporting event. It’s also one of the many reasons patients seek our NUCCA chiropractor in Redwood City. 

Interestingly, some people affected by a whiplash injury debate whether to use ice or heat to cope with the pain. So, as your trusted source of neck pain relief in the city, we thought of explaining how both options work.


Ice and Heat Therapy for Whiplash Relief

Anyone who experienced a minor injury that resulted in pain or inflammation knows how helpful ice and heat therapies are in providing relief. Hence, the question is, which whiplash relief option is better? 

Studies note that ice therapy makes an excellent source of neck pain relief during the first few days of the injury. Notably, cooling the injured body parts such as your cervical spine can help soothe painful muscles and reduce tissue inflammation. So, you might find it helpful to apply a cold compress on your achy neck a few times a day (for up to four days). Then, once the aching and tenderness disappears, we suggest switching to a hot compress. The heat helps speed up oxygen uptake, consequently stimulating faster tissue healing.


A NUCCA chiropractor in Redwood City Can Help With Recurring Neck Pain

Besides the heat and cold therapy, people with mild to severe whiplash injuries seek NUCCA care. That’s because the adjustments provided by a NUCCA doctor like Dr. Pete Tsiglieries aim to fix misalignments in the cervical spine that may be keeping your body from healing completely. 

NUCCA chiropractic has gained massive popularity in the health and wellness niche as it offers a holistic path to addressing chronic and problematic symptoms like neck pain. If you previously sustained an injury to your neck or head, it may be a good idea to speak with our NUCCA doctor to know if you should start receiving atlas bone adjustments. 

Got more questions about your whiplash injury and how you can eliminate your chronic neck pain with NUCCA care? We got the answers! Call (650) 595-0500 or leave us a message through the Advanced Spinal Care website form.


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To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at

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