Is it Just Dizziness? Why You Should Be Concerned.

Anyone can have a bout of dizzy spells every now and then. Even children, with their playful nature, induce their own kind of dizzying activities, running around in circles, riding the merry-go-round, or jumping on the trampoline. For adults, getting dizzy can be a cause for concern in some situations. A California vertigo chiropractor based in Redwood City is ready to help you and relieve you from serious dizziness. It is important to learn about this subject deeper. 

Dizziness – When is it Serious?

Sometimes dizziness is alarming, especially when you recently suffered a head trauma or head injury. When you feel dizzy after experiencing such encounters, it probably means you have a concussion. It might also indicate that a vertebra of your upper spine is misaligned. Why is this a cause for deep concern? This type of misalignment can affect the blood flow to the brain and interfere with the function of the vestibulocochlear nerve. Thus, it can place the brainstem under stress, causing it to malfunction. These conditions can cause dizzy spells. 

Migraines are another thing that leads to dizzy spells. Did you know that 40% of people with migraines also experience dizziness before, during, or after a migraine? Migraines combined with vertigo often occur hand in hand. This may, again, result from a misaligned vertebra. Even if your head or neck injury happened a few years ago, you could still be feeling the effects of that incident just now. 

Symptoms of Dizziness

  • Visual problems
  • Weakness
  • Speech issues
  • Numbness
  • Symptoms of a stroke

When these conditions show, be ready to call for help. These are indications that a serious problem is going on. Medical attention should be sought immediately. If it is a stroke, then the speed with which you receive help can be the key to preventing serious complications and saving a life.

How to Alleviate Dizziness? 

If the dizziness you feel has to do with a misalignment of the bones of the upper cervical spine, then we can help you deal with it properly. Here at Advanced Spinal Care, a California vertigo chiropractor based in Redwood City, we use a gentle method to help your bones realign. Our upper cervical spine doctor will correct the misalignment. This technique will stabilize the blood flow to your brain. It will also stabilize nerve and brainstem functions. As a result, this often leads to a reduction and even elimination of dizziness. 
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