Untying those Knots in Your Back

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There are numerous types of knots, most of which a person ties. But there is a type of knot that gets tied, and that is the type of knot that gets tied in a person. The pain a person experiences can be anywhere from dull to sharp, that person may ache all of the time, and the pain may increase when they move.

Of course, where they feel the pain all depends on the location of the knot. The pain can be unbearable or it can be slight be nevertheless annoying. There are natural remedies to those knots that sometimes get tied on the inside of us.

Knots and Muscle Fibers

Though, before we look at how to find relief from that pain, it's important to know how that pain got there in the first place. Muscle fibers can constrict and not release due to use, overuse, and even misuse of the muscle. It's not that the muscle was actually tied into a knot, but the feeling we get when we touch the area makes it feel like a knot. That means the size of the knot can be as large as a person's thumb if the injury happened in a larger muscle, whereas knots that happen in smaller muscles may not be noticeable and may not even cause pain.

Whiplash, back pain, and Knots

Now that we know more about knots, it's important to know how they happen so we can know what not to do. They can be the result of whiplash, a workout or other strenuous activity, or even sitting or laying in the wrong position for long lengths of time.

You may not be able to do everything to avoid a rear end collision, but there is plenty you can do to make sure you stay safe during those other times. You will want to make sure you use good posture during all of your activities, as this is important to avoiding muscle knots, and always lift with your legs.

Untying those Knots

Many times, all it takes to find relief from a knot in your back is a good massage. A professional massage can be important to reach those areas you may not be able to reach. They also go through specialized training, so they will know the right pressure points that your friend or family member may not know. You can also try rolling a foam roller over the area up to a dozen time, three times a day until the knot loosens.

But why are your muscles knotting up in the first place?

It may be your posture. Postural problems can affect the way that your muscles pull on your bones and can cause chronic inflammation and swelling that may lead to muscle knots. An upper cervical chiropractor is uniquely trained to evaluate posture beginning at the head and neck and continuing through the spine to the pelvis and all the way down to the feet. Misalignments in the upper neck are frequently the starting point of postural problems that can cause chronic muscle knots and many other issues.

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