Understanding the Link Between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Multiple Sclerosis

Can you remember a time when your trigeminal neuralgia pain was so severe that it interfered with your daily life? What are some of the things you have to avoid doing to prevent your symptoms? What has been the most challenging part of living with trigeminal neuralgia? What has been the most helpful way that helps you manage your discomfort? 

Trigeminal neuralgia is a debilitating condition that makes it difficult to eat, drink, brush your teeth, or even talk. It can also make you feel isolated and depressed. This condition cannot always be cured, but there are ways you can explore to alleviate your pain. A NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City can also ease your symptoms and provide lasting relief, especially if your pain is linked to a misalignment in your upper cervical spine.


The Connection Between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Multiple Sclerosis

Trigeminal neuralgia can usually happen to people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This debilitating condition can be a symptom of the autoimmune condition multiple sclerosis. In multiple sclerosis, immune cells travel into the brain and spinal cord, damaging the cells responsible for making the myelin sheath and the myelin itself.

Here are the two main ways that multiple sclerosis can lead to trigeminal neuralgia:

  1. Demyelination

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that causes demyelination or damage to the myelin sheath that insulates and protects nerves. This damage can disrupt the transmission of electrical signals along the nerves, leading to pain and other neurological symptoms.

  1. Neurovascular compression

Multiple sclerosis can also cause neurovascular compression, which is a condition in which a blood vessel presses on a nerve. This can also damage the nerve and lead to pain.


How Upper Cervical Misalignment Can Influence Trigeminal Neuralgia

Your upper cervical spine comprises the top two neck bones, the atlas, and the axis. These vertebrae are responsible for supporting the head and allowing it to move. When they are misaligned, it can put pressure on the trigeminal nerve and other nerves in the neck. This pressure can damage the nerves and lead to pain, including trigeminal neuralgia pain. 

Misalignments can result from Injuries, accidents, repetitive stress, and more. A car accident, sports injury, or other injury can cause the upper cervical vertebrae to shift out of alignment. Poor posture can strain the upper cervical spine, leading to misalignment. But degenerative changes are a big factor, too; as you age, the discs in the neck can degenerate, leading to misalignment.


How a NUCCA Chiropractor in Redwood City Can Help

If you have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia despite your efforts to find relief, you should get your Upper Cervical spine alignment checked. We can help identify if a misalignment of your atlas and axis is the culprit behind your symptoms. The NUCCA method can help correct Upper Cervical misalignments and restore your atlas and axis proper balance and alignment. This can help reduce pressure on the nerves and support your body's natural healing to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

NUCCA chiropractic care can significantly relieve pain for many people with trigeminal neuralgia. In some cases, it can even lead to complete remission of symptoms and improve overall health. Visit our office and find out if this method is suitable for you.


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