Do Motion Sickness Drugs Work For Meniere's Disease?

Meniere's disease, vertigo relief in Redwood City

Meniere's Disease is a rare condition affecting the inner ear and triggers a host of painful, bothersome, and uncomfortable symptoms. Some patients who need vertigo relief in Redwood City are dealing with Meniere's Disease. Apart from bouts of vertigo, this condition can also cause hearing loss, tinnitus, or a feeling of fullness in the ear. Sometimes patients describe feelings of motion sickness too.

This condition may be difficult to navigate, mainly because diagnosing it is already challenging. But once you get a proper diagnosis, you can focus on finding proper care and relief. Some healthcare providers prescribe motion sickness drugs to ease Meniere's disease symptoms and provide vertigo relief in Redwood City. 

Motion sickness medications can help reduce and manage the spinning sensations and ease the feelings of nausea and vomiting. And while they can work in managing other symptoms, they cannot provide lasting relief. Therefore, when you experience new episodes of Meniere's Disease, you may need to take another set of medications to bring you relief. However, taking medications also bring risks of side effects, mainly when you use them for a long time. 

You may benefit more when you find a more lasting resolution for your condition and its accompanying symptoms.


Upper Cervical Care and Meniere's Disease

Many patients are now open to seeking natural care for Meniere's Disease. Upper cervical chiropractic care is one natural way that brings promising results in managing Meniere's Disease symptoms. 

An upper cervical misalignment can trigger vertigo and other signs of Meniere's Disease. This is due to nerve irritation to the upper neck and inner ear. Misalignments can happen gradually through repetitive stress to the vertebra or after an injury or trauma endured in the neck or head.

Upper cervical chiropractic care can provide vertigo relief in Redwood City through a non-invasive and gentle movement of your topmost bones in the neck area. Your upper cervical spine consists of your C1 and C2 vertebra, which protect your brainstem. 

A misalignment in this area can also put undue pressure on your brainstem, disrupting communication between your brain and body. Sometimes distorted messages or wrong signals are transmitted, resulting in symptoms similar to Meniere's Disease, including vertigo.

Therefore, restoring the proper alignment and balance in your upper spine relieves the pressure from your nerves and brainstem. Eventually, your body will start its natural healing process. This procedure can also restore your nervous system's optimum performance and provide lasting relief for Meniere's Disease symptoms without needing motion sickness medicines and other medications.

Meniere's disease, vertigo relief in Redwood City

Call Advance Spinal Care For Lasting Vertigo Relief In Redwood City

If you're keen on exploring a non-invasive way to manage your Meniere's disease symptoms, visit Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Advance Spinal Care. With over 25 years of chiropractic care experience, he's established a stellar reputation in caring for patients, including patients complaining about vertigo and other Meniere's disease symptoms.

To book your appointment you can book your appointment online. You are guaranteed to receive the best care from Dr. Pete and our team.


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To schedule a complimentary consultation call our Redwood City office at 650-595-0500 or you can also click the button below.

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