Common Causes of Neck Pain

neck pain

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, that is not something you want to ignore. We know you're in pain, and you may not be able to get into our office right away. That means you will have the temptation to crack your neck or spine. Please, don't do that. That will only make the problem worse. The best thing you can do, if you are experiencing pain, and need relief now, is ice your back. Here's a list of steps you should take to receive the most benefit from icing.

Icing Tips

  • Find a comfortable chair where you can recline or a bed where you can lay down
  • Cover an ice pack with a paper towel to ensure you won't get frost bite
  • Place it on the area of discomfort
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and relax


Depending on the source of your pain, you may need to ice more than once a day. But don't leave the ice pack on your neck or back for any longer than 20 minutes. Just go throw it in the freezer, and leave it there for a while.

If your pain persists, it may be due to something more than a knot in your back. Here are some common causes of neck and back pain.

Neck Pain Causes

  • Herniated Disc – (Also called a Slipped Disc) There is a soft, gel like substance between each of your vertebra that keeps them from grinding against one another. When that gel like substance slips out of position, and two of the vertebra grind against each other, you feel the pain.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease – This most likely happens due to a low energy injury to the disc. Since the disc has no blood supply, it cannot go through the same healing process as other tissue, and over time the disc wears out.
  • Cervical Osteoarthritis – (Cervical Spondylosis) This occurs because of the degeneration of the facet joints in the cervical spine and causes Arthritis in the neck.
  • Whiplash – Your neck is only meant to move a certain distance in any direction. This occurs when your neck muscles are overextended.


If you iced your neck, but your pain persists, these are just some of the conditions that might be causing your pain. Even if your pain subsides after you ice a few times, it is still a good idea to have an upper cervical specialist examine you. There are many underlying conditions that could pop-up later if the initial pain is left untreated.

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