Can a Problem in the Upper Neck Cause Scoliosis or Torticollis?

Neck Pain, Neck Surgery, Neck Injury, Natural ReliefThere is very possibly a link between the underlying factor in scoliosis and torticollis, and how injuries caused at birth can affect the upper neck.

Dr. Gutmann has been researching upper neck injuries in infants and how these can relate to the health of children. He began his research back in the 1960's. In 1987, he published his research highlighting the link between upper neck problems and how they can cause such things as ear infections, colic, torticollis, and many more common childhood problems.

In 1992, addition research on this subject was published by Dr. Biedermann. In combining the research done by these two doctors, you can see that they have studied over 1,000 infants. The studies showed a very high incidence of upper cervical misalignments. This was most commonly caused by birth trauma, such as vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, and even normal birthing when a woman is on her back rather than in a standing position where gravity can help. These are very traumatic experiences for the neck and head of newborn babies.

Scoliosis Related to Torticollis

As a baby, if there is a diagnosis of torticollis, it is very likely that you will grow up with scoliosis. About 25 in every 1,000 people have scoliosis at a 10-degree curvature or more. Many people never even know they have scoliosis until they are diagnosed later in life. Even a curve that falls in the 7, 8, or 9-degree area can have a significant impact on the health of a person. Some people go most of their life without even realizing they have a 10-15 degree curvature of scoliosis.

What does this all mean? Well, if the head is not balanced over the spinal column properly, it can result in postural changes such as tilting of the head and shoulders, uneven hip alignment, and improper leg balance. When this develops in children and infants, it is more likely for them to be diagnosed with scoliosis when they get older.

Treating the Problem

To correct scoliosis, it is very important to detect the problem as early as possible. It is recommended that all children be assessed after birth and as they grow up to see if they have any misalignments in their upper neck. If any misalignment is discovered, it should be treated immediately. If scoliosis has already reached an advanced state due to not being detected be sooner, the misalignment should still be corrected. Exercises can be given to prevent it from continuing to get worse. If the curvature has been there for an extended period, it will likely not be able to be corrected completely.

If you are concerned that your child may have a curvature in their spine or that he or she has torticollis, it is a great idea to contact an upper cervical chiropractor like Dr. Pete Tsiglieris of Redwood City, California. Dr. Tsiglieris can get your child back on track and feeling better soon.


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