Proper Posture Promotes Better Well-being

Upper cervical in Redwood City understands the value of having the correct posture. Do you know how your health and wellbeing go low when you disregard the importance of proper posture? Improper posture can lead to neck problems. Also, it can lead to breathing issues. 

Another interesting fact about improper posture is the body essentially adapts to it. In other words, the body becomes more comfortable with the wrong position rather than the correct one. Take slouching as an example. You tend to do it consistently without realizing that it is bad. If you choose to sit correctly to maintain a good posture, it takes more considerable effort to do so. Therefore, a person tends to slouch more often because it is so easy to do.

Desk Jobs Make You Prone To Improper Posture

If your job expects you to sit down for long hours in front of a computer or answer phone calls, you are at a higher risk of acquiring issues with your posture. People may not realize that when they perform regular actions that negatively impact their posture, it causes long-term health problems. 

These actions include:

  • Slouching while sitting
  • Talking on the phone with the phone in-between the neck and shoulders
  • Filling out paperwork while craning the head down for long periods
  • Using the computer with the head moved forward for prolonged periods.

It is crucial to remember that the head must not be in front of the shoulders. Instead, the head and shoulders must be aligned vertically. Also, the more you stare at the computer screen with the wrong posture, the more unstable your neck becomes. Further, your lumbar spine becomes curved, and the hips tend to tilt forward. If the spine or neck is always at an awkward angle, it leads to several musculoskeletal issues. Upper cervical in Redwood City can help you correct these misalignments safely and gently. 

Get Upper Cervical in Redwood City for Your Neck

Visiting us here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, is a great move to begin taking care of your spine and posture. We can take a look and check for neck misalignments that might be causing adverse effects in your body. We use a safe, gentle, and precise procedure to correct these misalignments. Call us at (650) 595-0500 or contact us here.

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