Relief for Migraines That Actually Works!

relief-for-migraines-that-actually-worksA common misconception about migraines is they are just really bad headaches. While a headache is one of the symptoms of a migraine, common headaches can often be resolved by drinking some water to ward off dehydration or getting a good night’s rest. Migraines are much more complicated. It can take days or even weeks until you feel like you have actually recovered from a migraine and are back on your feet.

Causes of Migraines

The exact cause of migraines remains a mystery among the medical community in general. Many people are desperately searching for an answer to this debilitating condition. Many theories abound and much research is still being done. One thing is agreed upon, however. Migraines are neurological in nature, indicating both the vascular system and the nervous system are involved. This is important to remember when seeking care for your migraines.

The Neck -- How Does It Relate to Migraines?

To understand better how migraines may develop, we need to get a better look at how the head and neck are connected. The head sits on top of the neck. The skull has a small opening at its base where the brainstem and spinal cord pass through. The atlas is the C1 vertebra and is located at the very top of the spine. If the atlas happens to shift out of place due to a blow to the head or neck, it can cause the head to tilt, throwing off the delicate balance system in this area of the body. This puts the brainstem under pressure and can compromise the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid -- a perfect scenario for migraines to develop.

Here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California, we use a gentle method to realign the bones of the upper cervical spine. We do not have to pop or crack the neck to get positive results. Rather, we encourage the bones to realign themselves more naturally, leading to a longer-lasting adjustment. Our patients often report seeing a decrease in their migraines after only a few visits.

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