Stretches to Help Sciatica and What to Do Next

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Keeping the Muscles Stretched Can Relieve Sciatica

By stretching the muscles using simple exercises, sciatica may improve. Here are some good exercises to try. Please, always consult with your doctor or chiropractor before trying these.

  • Lie on the floor with your back flat. Move the injured leg over the other leg and place the sole of the foot on the floor keeping your back flat. Pull the injured leg’s knee – at the same bent angle – toward the head using your hands.
  • Lie flat on the floor and pull both knees toward the chest with the injured leg crossed over the other leg. Put both hands behind the knee of the injured leg and pull both legs up toward the chest until you feel a good stretch.
  • Lie down with your back flat on the floor. Pull the knee of the injured leg toward the chest using the hand on the same side, and then gently pull the ankle to the opposite thigh with the other hand. Hold for around 30 seconds and then return to the resting position.

Each exercise should be held for 30 seconds and then rest and repeat in three sets one time a day.

Sciatica Helped Through Spinal Care

Another important step, if you suffer from sciatica, is to visit us here at Advanced Spinal Care in Redwood City, California. We can help determine if the cause of sciatica has to do with a misalignment of the bones of the upper neck and explain why this can cause lower back pain. We can then work to correct this problem and aid in giving you some relief from sciatica.

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