Relieving Trigeminal Neuralgia With the Help of NUCCA and Supplements

supplements, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

Are you tired of experiencing severe facial pain that feels like an electric shock, shooting through your trigeminal nerve? If you're one of the millions of people worldwide who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia (TN), you know how debilitating this condition can be. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life. In this article, we'll discuss how supplements can help boost your efforts to combat the effects of trigeminal neuralgia and maximize the benefits of your regular visits to a NUCCA chiropractic in Redwood City.


Supplements that can help alleviate TN Symptoms

Supplements are a great and easy way to address common pains, including those associated with trigeminal neuralgia. This alternative therapy work by providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals that it may not be getting from your usual diet. Below are some of the best supplements that can help alleviate TN symptoms:

Vitamin B12

This type of B vitamin (otherwise known as Cobalamin) plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of nerve cells. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause nerve damage and worsen TN symptoms.


Magnesium helps regulate nerve function and can help reduce pain associated with TN. A magnesium deficiency can worsen your TN symptoms because it can cause progressive nerve damage.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain associated with TN. They are also essential for maintaining the health of nerve cells.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining the health of nerves and muscles. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause muscle weakness, worsening TN symptoms.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that helps protect nerve cells from damage. It can also help reduce pain associated with TN.

It's important to note that while supplements can be helpful, they shouldn’t be used as a substitute for medical treatment. You should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you have other medical conditions or medication allergies. Additionally, make sure to purchase high-quality supplements from a reputable source to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

In general, incorporating these supplements into your daily routine can help alleviate the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia as well as improve your overall health and well-being.

supplements, NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City

NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City for Safe Long-term Relief

Besides taking the best supplements for trigeminal nerve health, you should consider seeking a long-term source of relief from TN: NUCCA Chiropractic in Redwood City.

NUCCA care focuses on correcting the alignment of the atlas vertebrae - a common problem that arises after a car accident, sports injury, physical abuse, etc. As we often remind our patients, the atlas is the topmost vertebra in the spine, and when it's out of alignment, it can aggravate and worsen TN symptoms, even if it wasn't the original cause or trigger. 

But, thankfully, you can help your trigeminal nerve heal and function smoothly again by receiving gentle and precise atlas and axis bone adjustments.

If you're interested in exploring NUCCA care in Redwood City as your option against trigeminal neuralgia, book an appointment with Dr. Tsiglieris of Advanced Spinal Care. Dr. Pete Tsiglieris is a NUCCA chiropractor who helps patients with TN gain back their confidence and peace of mind through gentle and carefully calculated neck bone adjustments.  

Don't let trigeminal neuralgia control your life – book an appointment with Dr. Tsiglieris today!


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