What Does it Mean if My Jaw Hurts After Being in a Crash?

jaw, Redwood City Chiropractic Doctor for TMJ pain

Have you ever been involved in a car crash? Did you feel sore all over your body? How about the pain in your jaw? It's not uncommon for a Redwood City Chiropractic Doctor for TMJ pain to get complaints about jaw pain from patients who have experienced crashes and injuries. Jaw pain is a common symptom of whiplash, an injury to the neck and upper back that can occur in a car accident.

Whiplash usually occurs when your head and neck are suddenly and forcefully moved back and forth. This can cause damage to your ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues in the neck area. In some cases, it can also lead to strain and damage to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint connecting your jaw to the skull. Your TMJ is a complex joint that allows you to open and close your mouth, chew, and speak. TMJ issues can cause pain, clicking or popping in the joint, and difficulty chewing or opening the mouth. It's safe to say they are very uncomfortable.


How Can a Car Accident Cause TMJ Issues?

A car crash can increase risks for developing TMJ problems in a number of ways. The forceful and sudden movement of your head and neck can lead to upper cervical misalignments that can put undue stress and pressure on the ligaments and muscles in the surrounding area, including those that support the TMJ. The misalignment in the upper cervical spine can also cause the joint in the jaw to become misaligned. The accident's impact can also cause a whiplash injury to the neck, leading to inflammation and pain in the neck area, which can refer to the jaw.

The symptoms of TMJ after the accident vary. However, some known symptoms include pain in the jaw, face, or neck, clicking or popping in the jaw, difficulty closing or opening the mouth, headaches, dizziness, ear pain, and sometimes numbness or tingling in the face or head.

jaw, Redwood City Chiropractic Doctor for TMJ pain

How can a Redwood City Chiropractic Doctor for TMJ pain help?

Upper Cervical Care is a form of chiropractic care that focuses on the uppermost bones in the neck called the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae. These vertebrae are crucial for proper head and neck alignment and optimal nerve function. If these bones are misaligned, it can cause various problems, including TMJ issues.

Upper cervical care can help to realign the C1 and C2 vertebrae, which can eventually relieve pain and improve function in the TMJ. If you have jaw pain after a car accident, it is important to see your healthcare provider to rule out fractures and other severe injuries that need immediate assistance.

To help with long-term care, visit an Upper Cervical Chiropractor who can also determine if the crash resulted in a misalignment in your upper cervical area. This can help prevent delayed symptoms that can manifest and affect you eventually. 

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