Your Tingling and Your Herniated Disc

Back Pain, Herniated Disc, TinglingSigns of Herniated Discs

Sometimes a person can feel tingling throughout their body that is so intense it might feel like their arm or leg is constantly asleep. Other times, that tingling sensation is so slight that a person may only feel it when they lightly press their thumb against one of their fingers and rub it. That tingling, whether it is drastic or slight, may be your body trying to tell you there's a herniated disc in your spine.

Along with the tingling, there are various other signs of what may also be referred to as a slipped disc

Herniated Disc Symptoms

  • Numbness or Tingling – This occurs to the nerves affected by a herniated disc
  • Weakness – Effected nerves cause certain muscles to become weak. This means those muscles will be more difficult to use and temporary paralysis may result.
  • Arm or leg pain – The location of the pain is determined by which disc in your back if effected.

What is a
Herniated Disc?

Now, we're sure you want to know exactly what is going on in your back, and why it's manifesting itself as tingling in part of your body. There are discs between each of your vertebra, which are a gel like substance that keep the bones from grinding against each other. Those discs can shift out of place, which is why this injury may also be called a slipped disc, causing pain, nerve irritation and other symptoms.

Various factors may cause that herniated disc to become inflamed and leave the person in excruciating pain. That pain may lead to temporary paralysis of the musculoskeletal structure, and other severe symptoms.

How do you Address a Herniated Disc?

The most important first step when it comes to relieving pressure from a herniated disc is to get the normal balance restored to the spine. When more weight is being distributed to one side of your spine compared to the other it will frequently lead to more irritation of the discs, joints, nerves, muscles etc. and upper cervical chiropractor is uniquely trained in identifying misalignments between the head, neck and spine. These upper neck misalignments can frequently be the underlying cause of postural dysfunction, uneven weight distribution and chronic pain including herniated discs. It is critically important to have a thorough evaluation performed of your head, neck and lower spine including your pelvis to determine where the underlying issue is beginning and how best to address the pain from the herniated disc.

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